Witchcraft storyline part III: wicked witches

  1.  If you visit the Coven regularly as an apprentice, and do the duties imposed upon you by the members obediently, you are visited by Inola approximately two weeks after being introduced as a coven member.
  2. Inola asks you whether you are ready now to move on, and become a full-fledged member of the Coven.
  3. If your answer is no, then you return to your position as an apprentice, and you will have to continue like that for another two weeks before Inola´s offer comes up again.
  4. If your answer is yes, then a test follows immediately.
  5. You will be taken into a cave, where cloaked figures, the members of the coven, are waiting for you. You need to drink the Tears of the Ashen One, which makes you see a vision.
    1. You see two shadow pass, one is white and the other is black. You can either chase after on of them, or just wait.
      1. In order to pass the test, you need to choose either chasing the white figure or waiting.
    2. Then, the shadows turn into a horrible creature, half a skeleton and half a corpse. It will either feel female or male depending on your interest.
    3.  The creature will try coming closer to you and touch you.
      1. If you let it happen, you two will have sex.
      2.  If you refuse it, then it will turn into a beautiful woman or man (based on your interest), and again tries to approach you, which you can either accept or refuse.
      3.   You can pass the test only if you accept the skeleton in its original form, otherwise you fail either by little or completely.
        1. Inola will hint at what you did wrong.
  6.  If you failed the test, you will return to being an apprentice for another two weeks (minimum).
  7.  If you pass it, you get to the next level. Inola tells you that your mind will be vulnerable in the next few days, which is your preparation for becoming a full-fledged member. She suggests you to buy some items in the shop to protect yourself.
  8. The new items you can reach either with Esme or with Lanu are the following:
    1. A dream catcher: it will protect you from dreams for a week.
    2. A black wooden amulet: it will protect you from being hypnotized three times, then it will break.
    3.  Potion to strengthen your body (green sticky substance): it will increase your dominance and body strength for a day. Its effects will go away by the next morning.
    4. Potion to strengthen your mind (pearl coloured substance): it will increase your dominance and intelligence for a day. Its effects will go away by the next morning.
  9.  In the next three days, Magdalene will try to attack your mind several times.
    1.  You will receive dreams from her every night.
      1. If you have a dream catcher, you only feel that she wants to invade your dreams, but it doesn´t happen.
      2.   If you have a strengthening potion (either mind or body), then the effects of the dream will not be so serious.
    2.  You have a chance to bump into her when you are moving around in the city.
      1.   If you have a strengthening potion (either mind or body), then the effects of her hypnotism will not be so serious.
      2.    If you are protected by an amulet, she will not be able to attack your mind at all, which will make her furious.
    3. If you visit Magdalene´s show or private hypnotism session wearing an amulet, she will be furious for being tricked, and the hypnotism will not work on you.
  10. After three days pass and the given time comes, you can either go to the woods to become a member of your coven, or try finding Magdalene and join her.
  11. If you choose Magdalene, you will magically find her in one of the empty tents of the Carnival, and she will introduce you to her own coven, or sect rather.
    1. You are hypnotized, and you reveal you deepest desires to the spectating crowd.
      1.  If you are rather dominant, you will find yourself in a harem surrounded by boys or girls (depending on your interest) who are eager to do your every wish.
      2. If you are rather submissive, you will find yourself on a train, getting very special attention from the young men travelling in the same car as you.
    2. Afterwards, she will keep you tied up until next evening, when you are again led to the centre of a stage, this time receiving a vision Magdalene specifically chose for you. You will see her as a queen and a goddess, and your heart´s only desire is to fulfill her every wish and make her satisfied. The situation turns more problematic, however, when you realise that there are many of your queens, and they all want your services.
    3. That same evening, you will have a chance to escape: Z and Ida are coming for you, and if you lie to them that you did not come to Magdalene intentionally, they will rescue you, and take you back to their coven.
    4.  You will be woken up by Inola in the morning, who will tell you that she know everything, and gives you another chance, but you have to start again as an apprentice.
    5. If you decide to remain with Magdalene, you will end up being her obedient little slave.
  12. If you choose the woods, and do not go after Magdalene, a great ceremony will take place.
    1. You will be guided to a huge cave, where a statue awaits for you, the statue of The Ashen One.
    2. You are attacked by the statue in every way possible, but you feel a strange desire for it, and you enjoy almost every minute.
    3.  When your body is enjoyably abused by the strange creature coming from the statue itself, you see the once living form of the ancient ˝Ashen One˝.
      1. Then, you find peace, and sleep for a whole day in the cave next to the statue.
      2.  Afterwards, you join the others, and you have the chance to get involved in an orgy, which is the traditional ending of the ceremony. During the orgy, you will meet (most intimately) almost everybody you know from the coven.
    4. After the ceremony, you will not be able to reach the camp for a while, because the ceremony should be followed by silence and self-reflection, but you know very well that soon, you will be able to enjoy everything the coven has to offer.