Hornstown 2.06

Please note that this game is still under developement and it may still contain bugs.

If you find any kind of bugs, please inform me at unlikelyform@gmail.com


Welcome to Hard Times in Hornstown, a sandbox time-management game focusing on adult themes and thank you for supporting this game on patreon!

The game is feature complete but might still contain bugs. You can report these using the "Contact" option in the menu. You can also use it to send me comments, reviews and ideas.

You can find out about the current and planned content in the game by choosing the "About" option in the menu.
(There might be some slight spoilers)
There is also a detailed Walkthrough available which of course contains many spoilers.

Or you can just start playing:

Continue with the default character.
(Play as John Smith, 25 years old with fair skin, short brown hair and brown eyes. Forced transformation paths are clearly marked)

Start with a random character.
(Play as Michael Peltier, 28 years old with olive skin, short blond hair and blue eyes. Forced transformation paths are clearly marked)

Use the simple character generation.
(Name and age only)

Use the detailed character generation.
(Name, age and basic physical attributes)