Victoria & Gordon

1.: The start of this storyline is identical to the other “Player submission” storyline. Got to Extreme Circumstances, sit at the bar and watch the crowd for a while. The gender you choose will determine the gender of the dominant that approaches you.

2.: Go through the evening with the dominant but refuse to pleasure them orally at the end. As you walk away, someone will approach you, inviting you to their table. It will either be Gordon (if you chose a “man” above) or Victoria (if you chose “woman”).

3.: Have a more relaxed D/s experience with your new suitor. The first night is scripted, you will get masturbated by your Dom and unable not to cum as requested. However He/she will always want to meet again. You can’t continue if you have the following engagements:
– You are already dating Helen
– You are already dating Mira
– You are Derek’s personal whore
– Your cock is locked in a cage by someone

4.: Now you are dating your new Dominant. Things here are a lot more open than the other player submission storyline. Every 2 to 4 days you get invited to a date. The only thing you can do to ruin it is missing an appointment. Missing a date will cause them to break up with you instantly!

5.: There are four different date types. (One-on-one bondage session, Extreme Circumstances public outing, standard-ish date scenarios in the city or chilling together at your Dom’s home) 50% of the time your Dom will choose the type, otherwise you can choose it. You can turn certain types off completely by talking to them about it when meeting up. What you wear to a date is important, not showing an effort might make your dom annoyed (wearing your work clothes will actually invoke a punishment) and they will instead dress you up to their liking.

6.: Different dates will have different challenges associated with them. Meeting the challenge allows you to gain your Dom’s favor, resulting in a sex session at the end, while fluking it – either deliberately or unintentionally – will result in a punishment fitting the crime. There is some randomness involved in whether or not you succeed but the more dates you do together the more disciplined you will become and the easier time you will have.
Sex experience and submissiveness also plays a factor.

5.: New sessions become available for all date types when you have had at least 5 dates together.