The Stolen Ring – detective story #2

The quest is less limiting than the Mitsumi one, there is no time limit.
You will get locked out if you make too many wild accusations about the suspects or try exclude them without proper proof to many times. (3 times)

1.: Your two main hubs are the house of Ben and Jess and Selena’s home. The first is for accusing or excluding people and the second is for information and hints.

2.: First you should head over to Ben and Jesses house and exhaust all options. You will only be able to interview each suspect once, so you need to have all the data for the questions.

  • 2a.: You need to know when the ring was stolen to ask people about their alibi. To learn this you can
  • 2b.: You need to know what the ring looked like. For this
  • 2c.: There is a forth suspect Ben would rather keep to himself. You either need Charisma 2 or more to get him to talk or call him up later using your phone when Jess is not around. This info can also be gained later by excluding all other suspects.

3.: Now that you have some suspects you can return to Selena to get their contact info. She will only do one of them per day but you might already know some of them. Always use your phone to arrange an interview – even if you know how to find them in the town you can’t interview them there.

  • 3a.: Dave you can contact on your own if you are at least workout buddies with him
  • 3b.: Marie you always need Selena to find
  • 3c.: Bree you can contact on your own if you have spoken to her in her rental place (just visiting it is not enough)
  • 3d.: Zoe you can contact of your own if you work for her

4.: Again, each interview you can only try once, so make sure you are ready for them and what you need to do to actually get to them. The suspects all want something in return for their cooperation.
4a.: Dave doesn’t want anything to do with the whole thing
– You can convince him offering sex if you are a man, asking him to do it for you if you are actually dating (fuck buddies is not enough) or try to convince him to be the bigger man (needs 2 Charisma to work)
– The questions to ask here is “why Ben should think he is a suspect” which gives you the info that Ben’s mother hates all his lovers and “about his alibi” which lets you exclude him from the investigation

4b.: Marie has a specific request she does not tell you about beforehand
– The question to ask here is “look for the ring” which lets you exclude her from the investigation and give you a hint that whoever took it must want the ring.
– After you asked the questions, you learn about Marie’s request. You can either accept it, convince her to do something more mutually enjoyable (you must have a dick and at least slill level 3 with it or no dick and at least a level 3 oral skill to succeed) or just run like a coward

4c.: Bree has a brilliant idea for a mascot her place needs and you need to help with it if you want her cooperation
– This one is not avoidable, she won’t talk until you have done it
– The questions to ask here is “about the problems they had” which gives you the info that the ring was really important to Ben’s mom and “look around for the ring” which lets you exclude her from the investigation

4d.: Zoe wants to test some products on you for each question you ask her (body feminization, face feminization, makeup and breasts enlargements)
– To avoid this you can pay her money for each question. Also, if you are already feminine enough, she will instead just admire your features.
– The questions to ask here is “her history with Ben” which gives you the info that Ben’s mom thwarted their engagement and “about her alibi” which lets you exclude her from the investigation

5.: After you spoke to all of them it’s time to exclude some people from the investigation (don’t forget, you need to actually talk to Ben and Jess about it). When excluding someone, use the most reasonable option . ie.: the one outlined in (4.). When you have two or more excluded, Selena will bring up the idea that none of them fit very well. A new dialog option will be presented with her to discuss the things you learned that point to someone else.
Otherwise you can convince Ben and Jess that one of the four suspects did it, by choosing the believable option when accusing them. This will earn you $200 and end the quest early.
You need at least 3 of the extra information listed in the previous point to make Carol, Ben’s mother a suspect.

6.: Selena will find her contact info pretty quickly so now you can visit her. Telling Ben and Jess without proof results in you getting fired so don’t do it. Also, having no more suspects but telling them “you need more time” results in their trust in you lowering (if this is the 3rd time they fire you).

7.: Carol has the ring but you need to get inside to get it. This can be done multiple ways.

  • 7a.: When she is at home you can just go in and talk to her. She will knock you out with poisoned tea and you will awake in the basement (see 9.)
  • 7b.: Pretending to be a maintenance worker, security guard or maid while she is home gets you in. You can only do these if you have appropriate clothing from a relevant job.
  • 7c.: Breaking in is possible if she is not at home or sleeping. You will notice the security system with Larceny 1 (when picking the lock) or Intelligence 5 (straight away). With Larceny 2 or Intelligence 7 you can disable it yourself, otherwise you need to call Selena. The other options will get you spotted.

8.: If you got in and are able to search the place you have some options. You have a limited amount of time until you get caught. You start with 4 units. Using a disguise to get in costs 2 units of time. Calling Selena for help costs 1 and unsuccessfully trying to disarm the system costs 1 more.

  • 8a.: Searching the kitchen yields nothing but costs 1 unit of time.
  • 8b.: Searching the bathroom yields nothing but costs 1 unit of time.
  • 8c.: Searching the living room costs 2 units of time and makes noise. If Carol is home you get caught unless you have at least 1 Fitness.
  • 8d.: Searching for secrets costs 2 units of time and you discover some money you can take.
  • 8e.: The bedroom gives you the ring. If you haven’t been discovered you can just escape and successfully complete the quest.

9.: If you got captured by Carol you are now in trouble. You can escape by a Fitness skill of 3 or you can pretend to submit to her then hope you are still coherent enough to act afterwards. This requires you to have had sex at least 10 times. If you break free or manage to outsex her you will win.
If you failed to break free or chose not to submit to her you will be thrown in jail. If you submitted to her but did not get the ring only the quest is failed.