Stalker Storyline

  1. The storyline triggers when you have already made two movies in the Hard Rod Productions, and have already chosen a pornstar name.
  2. The gender of your stalker will be decided based on your preferences in the game until the start of the storyline.
  3. You can stop the storyline entirely any time by asking the help of Rhod in the porn studio.
  4. The next time you enter the porn studio, Lottie will give you a letter that was sent you by a new fan of yours.
  5. The next time you enter, you will receive another letter.
  6. From this point, you will receive letters and notes when you walk around in the city.
    1. There is a chance for three random encounters in between places.
    2. There is a strange encounter in the Extreme Circumstances Club, if you choose the option of walking around and looking for something interesting.
    3. There is an encounter when you go to the beach. After you have already done something on the beach and return to the options you can still do there.
    4. You receive a note when you are about to leave the gift shop in the mall, the book & DVD shop in the mall and the sex shop in the Red Light District.
    5. You receive little presents when you finish working out (either with or without a personal trainer) in the gym.
    6. You receive notes in the Horned Cat strip club either if you go to the bar and when you watch the dancers on stage.
  7. You need to bump into at least 5 of the aforementioned  notes to trigger the next level.
  8. Here, you will receive messages from your stalker in your own home. After a few days, it will not only be messages, but requests from you. If you follow and fulfil the requests of you stalker (in most cases, they will reflect on you attitude expressed in the porn movies you have made, each decision within the films giving you either a sub or a dom point), you will get rewards, and if you fail to do so, you will get punishments, which are harsher and harsher as your stalker gets angrier with you.
  9. Your first task will be to make or remake the movie ˝Caught!˝ in a  slightly different way: you need to add a scene to it, where you taste your own cum, and tell it how it tastes like, or make someone else in the scene taste it, and make them tell how it tastes (it will largely depend on the role you choose and the decisions you make during the shooting).
    1. This will please your fan, but it will not give any rewards yet.
    2. If you fail to fulfil his/her wish for one week, you will get an angry letter from him/her.
  10. The second request of your fan is to go clothes shopping to the mall. There, if you follow the signs put there by your stalker, you will be directed to the fitting rooms of one of the stores.
    1. There will be a red lacy underwear prepared for you in the fitting room.
    2. You will need to show yourself in it in the middle of the store itself, in front of a large mirror.
    3. Afterwards, he/she asks you to masturbate and cum in that panties (now behind the curtain of the fitting room), and then leave the panties there.
    4. You have one day this time to fulfil your stalker´s wishes.
    5. If you succeed, you will be given a picture of his/her lower body while masturbating in the piece of clothing soiled by your cum.
    6. If you fail, you get either an angry letter or a ruined bedroom depending on whether you succeeded in your first quest or not.
  11. The third request will arrive on the text morning. Rose petals will lead you to your own terrace, where a gift is prepared just for you by the mysterious ˝C˝.
    1. It will be a dildo or onahole (based on your stalker´s gender), and you will be asked to play with it (and yourself) on your terrace so that he/she can see you while you are doing it (but, of course, your stalker will not be the only one seeing you).
    2. If you do it, you will be given another photo of his/her eye (watching you).
    3. If you fail to do it, you are either getting an angry letter, a ruined bedroom or a scandal causing Rhod quite a trouble (based on how many tasks you have failed so far).
  12. Your next task will be to visit the Extreme Circumstances Club.
    1. There, you will be given a free drink by Mira (paid for by your stalker), and a note telling you to look for him/her in one of the back rooms.
      1. It doesn´t matter whether you drink the cocktail or not in terms of your stalker getting angry or not, but you will only be rewarded with another photo if you drink it.
      2. Chalk signs will lead you to a glory hole in one of the back rooms, and it will be rather obvious that your stalker is on the other side. 
      3. Depending on your attitude within the porn movies (your stalker knows you mostly from those), it will be either you satisfying him/her or he/she satisfying you.
      4. If you succeed, you will get a very grateful letter from your stalker the next day, but you are given a photo only if you drink the cocktail (a photo of him/her licking your empty cup).
      5. If you fail, you will get an angry letter, a ruined bedroom, a photo scandal issue or a venereal disease issue (Rhod will arrange both but also reprimand you) as a punishment.
  13. Whatever you did so far, you are getting a meal prepared for you by your stalker together with a wine he/she has chosen to serve it with.
    1. If you eat it, you will be slightly drugged, which the stalker will use to visit you during the night and give you a mouth job.
    2. If you don´t eat it, you will not be visited by your stalker, but will receive an angry letter the next morning.
  14. The next morning you get a letter asking youtube finally meet your admirer in person. You will have to go to the alley where Mickie is selling his pills, go past him, and follow the path of rose petals.
  15. If you reach this part, you can not only ask Rhod to deal with your stalker, but you can also talk to him about you wanting to meet your stalker. This will make Rhod pay extra attention on you, and you will send him updates of where you are throughout the night. It will be, however, for only that day. If you fail to speak to him on the day you are visiting your stalker, he will not be able to help you.
  16. If you follow the path of petals, this will lead you to the flat of your stalker. There you will be trapped and used by him/her. 
    1. If you have talked to Rhod before going to your stalker´s flat, he will find you together with the police three days after you disappearance.
      1. You will spend one week in the hospital, but your body will change a bit, because it was abused for days.
        1. Your fitness will drop by two, you penis size (if you have a penis) will drop by one, your boob size (if you have boobs) will drop by one, and your attitude will drop by one (because you were used as a sex slave and tortured).
    2. If you are not helped by Rhod, this will end your game here, becoming the obedient sex slave of your admirer.
      1. If your reach this end, you will get to know his/her name finally.