Margaret [foot fetish content]

  1. You can meet Margaret in the taxi storyline.
  2. When you first meet here, she is with a date, Sebastian.
    1. As you drive, they start having sex
      1. Apparently, Sebastian is fond of MargaretĀ“s beautiful feet, and she is more than happy to let him enjoy them
    2. You can decide whether you want to watch the interesting scene or rather look away, which is, of course, the most decent thing you can do.
    3. Their action, however, is far from being over when you arrive at the given address.
      1. You can either take a few circles around the place to give them some time
      2. Or you can just smoothly stop the car and wait
      3. Or you can also tell them that you have arrived, which, of course, interrupts their session
    4. The rating and the payment you get for the ride depends on your decision.
    5. If you watch them and let them finish their session, Margaret will shoot some flirtatious glances at you, and leave her half shoe in your car.
  3. If you have MargaretĀ“s shoe with you (given after the first meeting), you have a chance to bump into her again while driving.
    1. This time, she will be dressed as Cinderella, and if you are open to it, you can have some kinky time together.
    2. If you refuse her, you still have a chance to meet with her again later, and have some nice (and erotic) time together
    3. However, if you refuse her twice, you will not meet with her again.
  4. Third time you meet, she will have a straightforward sex offer for you (still, mostly concentrating on her beautiful and smooth legs and feet).
  5. From this time on, if you go on, you can have two kinds of scenes with her, and you will also have the chance to spice these encounters up with some gifts from the gift shop (sandals, lace socks, toe ring).
  6. All Margaret scenes are focused on foot fetish, and if you never refuse her twice in a row, you will always have a chance to meet her while driving with the Noxi app.