Library Storyline

  1. There is a new location on the map, that of the Hornstown library.
  2. Entering the library, you almost immediately greeted by Shelly, a very kind librarian there. She tells you the basics if you let her, and guides you through the first steps.
  3. She tells you that you will need a library card to be able to enter, but before you buy a card, you will need to fill out a form asking for the basic data of your character and several questions related to his/her interests.
  4. The following questions make up the form, and your answers can modify your favours with the librarians even if you haven’t met all of them (Shelly, Mrs. Mayhem, Norah):
    1. 1. How much are you interested in the following (1 – I´m not interested at all; 5 – This is my greatest interest)?
      1. History (4-5 gives you a favour with Mrs. M., 1-2 will reduce your favour with Mrs. Mayhem and Norah)
      2. Literature & Linguistics (4-5: + favour with all three, 1-2: – favour with all three)
      3. Natural & Human Sciences (4-5: + favour with Shelly, 1-2: – favour with Mrs. Mayhem and Norah)
      4. Eroticism & Erotic fiction (4-5: + favour with all three, 1-2: – favour with all three)
      5. Film & Theatre (4-5: + favour with Shelly, 1-2: – favour with Norah and Mrs. Mayhem)
    2. 2. How many books have you read so far approximately?
      1. One or two (- favour with Mrs. Mayhem and Norah)
      2. 10-20 (- favour with Mrs. Mayhem and Norah)
      3. 20-60 (+favour with Shelly)
      4. 60-100 (+favour with Shelly)
      5. Over 100 (+favour with all three)
    3. 3. What do you like doing most in a library?
      1. Annoying the librarians (+ favour with Shelly, – favour with Mrs. Mayhem)
      2. Exploring (+ favour with Shelly and Norah)
      3. Find peace finally
      4. Breathing in the scent of old books (+ favour with Norah)
      5. Absorbing the knowledge the books have to offer (+ favour with Norah)
      6. Meeting new interesting people (+ favour with Shelly)
    4. 5. What do you think is most important in a library?
      1. Silence! (+favour with Mrs. Mayhem)
      2. Preserving old books and manuscripts in theier best possible condition (+favour with Mrs. Mayhem)
      3. Spreading and collecting knowledge, and broadening our perspective (+ favour with Shelly and Norah)
      4. Many secret places to hide and do dirty things (+ favour with Shelly)
      5. Providing a place for alike people to meet (+ favour with Shelly)
  5. You need to fill this form out only once, and then you can buy a library card, for a day, a week, a month, half a year, or even for a year if you have enough money.
  6. In the library
    1. you can reach the Traditional section, which has several book categories you will find in a classic library
    2. You can visit the special collection which offers several categories of erotic writings. Here, under the “Early erotic writings˝, the “Classics of erotic fiction” and ˝Erotic poetry˝, you will have the option to read erotic extracts from well known erotic works (all freely and easily available online).
      1. Some of these extracts are a bit lengthy, but you have the option to put a bookmark anywhere you like, and the next time you open the particular book, you can easily jump to your placed bookmark.
      2. You can also visit the contemporary section here, which is supposed to offer a selection of contemporary Hornstown writers. However, at first, this will be empty for you.
    3. You can speak with the librarians (the ones that have their shifts when you visit)
      1. You can ask each one of them to tell you about the order and structure of the library
      2. You can ask them about the history of the library
      3. You can ask them about each other
      4. You can ask about the employee schedule
  7. All of them will answer a little bit differently, and based on the favours you have collected with them. Shelly will be the easiest to reach, and you will receive favours from her by visiting the library when she is there. You can collect some favours with the others as well by asking the right questions and avoiding the ones that are too personal. Later on, you will have a chance to increase your favours with all of them to unlock different questions and answers they can give you. Don´t be afraid to ask the same questions after collecting some favour, because their answers will depend on them. Some examples:
    1. When you have enough favours, Mrs. Mayhem will talk about the history of the library.
    2. When you have enough favour with her, Shelly will tell you quite a lot about the others.
    3. Norah will be the hardest to get close to, at this point, all you can get is answers to your questions, but only if you have favours with her.
  8. Asking the question “Why is the contemporary section empty” from either librarian will start the special quest of the library. They will tell you that the books were stolen, and you can offer your help with getting them back.
  9. If you offer your help, you will receive the first name: Trisha. She has stolen a book titled ˝Flowers for Trisha˝. The librarian will also give you her address.
    1. Asking information on Trisha from all librarians will give you all the information you need to get the book from Trisha, and of course, you will also remember her name from somewhere (depending on your current acquaintance with her).
    2. If you are on the Trisha storyline already, you will have the option to call her or ask about the book on a date, and she will tell you either to wait, and later she might give it to you, or (if you have reached far enough in the storyline) she will offer a special date, on which she gives it to you.
      1. This special date is a party on the next Friday, where you need to dress in feminine clothes, and you will be introduced to Trisha´s friends as her little sissy. If you get to the party in the right clothes, you willl receive the book, no matter how you decide during the party itself.
        1. A group of girls will want to do a makeover to you, and you will be dressed as a princess.
        2. If you go along, they will play a bawdy game with you in the centre of attention, and later on, the party will turn into an orgy.
    3. If you have failed at the Trisha storyline (at either part), you can only go with the other option: her address. You can go over and ask for the book, which she will refuse (in a style appropriate for your current acquaintance). Speaking with Shelly and going to Trisha´s place will both hint at the solution: robbery. You can only get the book by stealing it if you are unwilling or unable to begin the Trisha storyline. Breaking into her home is only an option if you are for some reason not on the Trisha storyline, and your success will depend on several factors.
      1. You have more chance to break in if she is most probably not at home: during her work hours. You can figure out her work hours by trying to go over and ask for the book. When she is working, you won´t find her at home. (She is working from 8 am to 5 pm).
      2. You have more chance if you have a larceny skill higher than 3.
      3. You have more chance if you have an intelligence higher than 6.
      4. You have more chance if you have a fitness higher than 3.
      5. If you fail in stealing the book, you will be caught by the police.
    4. If you haven´t even begun the Trisha storyline, you can choose between the two options.
    5. When you get the book, you can have a look into it on your home screen. After you have given it back to the library, you can only reach it there, in its contemporary section.
    6. When you give the book back to the library, you will receive favour with the librarian to whom you offered your help with the stolen book, and with the one you actually give the book back.
    7. After returning the book to the library, the next time you meet Shelly, she will give you a hearty hug, where you will feel something strange and hard down there, hinting at a potential affaire with her later on.