Library Storyline Part II

Library II

  1. Another book thief will be revealed to the character when asking the librarians about it.
    1. The book “Seven Nights with Lady Thorn” was not returned by Mr. Kohler, the owner of the popular Extreme Circumstances bar right in the centre of Hornstown.
    2. Asking information on Mr. Kohler from all librarians will give you all the information you need to get the book from him.
    3. One way to get the book is to apply for a job at the EC bar, the bouncer job. You can do this with Mira after visiting the club and her a few times.
      1. For the job you will need high fitness skills and a dominant character.
      2. You don´t have to go to work each day, but missing too many occasions will get you fired.
      3. You will be occasionally invited to Mr. Kohler office, and after a while you will be able to ask about the book.
      4. After gaining promotions with him by working well, you will have the chance to have sex with him. He will offer sex with one of his slaves, but you will have to choose him. Afterwards, you will be able to get the book from him.
      5. He will tell you to come back the next day and visit him in his office. There, you will have an extra sex scene with him and his slaves, and he will give you the book.
    4. An alternative way to get the book is getting close to Mira. When you are close enough to her, she will get you the book.
  2. After getting the book, you will be able to reach it from your home screen, and after returning it to the library, you will only be able to reach it from there.
    1. Returning the book will give you favour from the librarian who gave you the quest and from the one you give it back.
  3. Whether you give the book back through Shelly or not, you will have a special scene with her (either at the moment of giving the book back or the next time you meet her).
    1. She will tell you to meet her at the traditional section.
    2. If you go, you will get to have sex with Shelly and be either in a slightly dominant or submissive position depending on your choice.
    3. If you don´t go, it will be slightly awkward, but the next time you go to speak with Shelly, she will offer you to be just friends.
    4. She will also tell you that there are strange sights to be seen in the library if you come before opening time or after closing time. Sometimes the door is left unlocked.
    5. After this, you have a chance to catch some kinky scenes if you come to the library at 9 am or pm.
      1. What you have a chance to see depends on which librarian is in charge that time.
      2. In the morning you will only have a chance to catch a scene with Mrs. Mayhem. You can either catch her touching herself or have a special tutoring session with a young boy you might know from the Masters & Mistresses storyline.
      3. In the evening, depending on the librarian in charge that day, you might catch the following scenes:
        1. Shelly getting a blow job from the receptionist from the local gym.
        2. Shelly having a threesome with the twins, Tia and Taylor. You might know them from the beach bar.
        3. Norah masturbating while reading.
        4. A kinky encounter between Norah and Dr. Monroe
  4. There is a new NPC you can meet in the library, too, Dr. Monroe. You can meet him by opening the door at the back of the special section, which becomes available only when you have already met all the librarians.
  5. It will be rather hard to get close to Dr. Monroe, and you will have to ask the librarians about him to know how you can succeed.
  6. When you already know what he is working on, you will have a chance to initiate a conversation about it, and then you can offer him to help with his research.
    1. You will then be shown a passage from one of the books available in the library, ˝The Perfumed Garden of Sensual Delights˝.
    2. The passage will describe a way in which sexual pleasure can be increased, and Dr. Monroe will want to try it.
    3. For that you will need to get a jackal´sgall from somewhere.
    4. You can get it by talking to the local drug dealer, Mickie, who will get you in three days and for $80.
    5. Taking the gall back to Dr. Monroe will result in a scene where he puts the strange substance on your dick/pussy, which will make your character terribly aroused. Dr. Monroe, however, will not help you, only note the results, and let you suffer until the effects go away.