Hornyz Nordic Girls

1. Intro

They are here to have fun alright. You might want to visit the beach and get to know Sten, since he is Anne’s uncle. You should fuck him if you want to score a little bonus with the girls. Also, having had a threesome before you hit them up will help, too. It also helps to be a regular visitor of Extreme Circumstances, to be friends with Mira or to be working as a bouncer there. Last but not least, you should have at least some dance skills unless you are charming enough to make up for it.

2. Basic conversation

2.1. In the first phase of the chat, whenever you get the chance to pick any of the following lines, do so:

“I do it myself occasionally”
“Maybe not but there are other things I can do with my tongue”;
“Wait. You mean Sten?”;
“Maybe you are just better at it than anyone else you met”

2.2. Avoid using the following line, though:
“I always preferred one-on one to be honest”

3. Advanced conversation

3.1. Special
Ask them about Sten and when they ask you if you’ve fucked him, then tell them that you have.

3.2. Nudes
If you want nudes from the girls, you have to tell them “Did you know that around here it’s customary to send nudes to your chat partners?”. They won’t buy it, though. You will have to send one yourself first.

3.3 When they agree to meeting with you, take them to Extreme Circumstances.

4. Date preparations

4.1. Your outfit counts
While you’ll make a good impression if you are wearing a sexy outfit to the date.
Do not put on a fetish outfit.

4.2. Make sure you’ve got the entrance fee of 25$ for Extreme Circumstances and you put on something sexy. You can also head to the club to acquire a little more familiarity and to get to know Mira more.

6. Date

Try using your charm to avoid having to show off your dance skills if you don’t really have any. If you do, however, show them off to impress the girls.

Once they get back from their break and you show them what the place has to offer, agree to be their test subject. After that, just go with the flow, you should be in for a fun sexy time.