Hornyz Nicole

1. Intro
Nicole is an overtly sexual young woman, probably even a nymphomaniac. You need to project confidence without flaunting or coming across as an asshole.

2. Basic conversation

2.1. In the first phase of the chat, whenever you get the chance to pick any of the following lines, do so:

“Yeah I do. (truth)”
“Yeah I do. (lie)”
“Glad I found you on here. I do enjoy a challenge.”
“Maybe you are just better at it than anyone else you met”

2.2 Special
You can unlock a special aspect of the conversation by saying:
“You have a lot of experience with guys then?”

2.3. Do not pick any of the below lines, though:
“You should see a doctor”
“Maybe you are just not a very good lay”

3. Advanced conversation

3.1. Do not pick any of the below lines, though:
“Well fear not baby, I will fuck you into oblivion”
“If you just want sex we could go for a quickie in the park.”

3.2. You may ask for the date by saying:
“Why don’t you invite me over?”

4. Date preparations

4.1. You should have at least an average dick.

4.2. Your outfit counts
While you’ll make a good impression if you are wearing stylish or elegant outfits, she will really appreciate you wearing something sexy. Work outfit is not something she likes and a fetish dress will throw her off entirely.

4.3. Wine
Buy a bottle of wine for the date.

4.4 Sex skills
You should have at least used your oral or dick skills at least 5 times by the time you go over to her place. Make it a minimum of a good 11 if you want to impress her.

5. Date

5.3. Taking the initiative or letting her make a move

5.3.1. Take the initiative only if you are assertive enough. Anything of average dominance and above will do.

5.3.2. Let her make a move if you have an average attitude or are submissive to any measure. Otherwise your assertive nature will cause some friction.

6. Sex

Once it gets to action, you will have to make a decision between using your tounge or your dick. Use whichever you have more experience with. If you’ve used both at least 5 (or 10 for an actual effect) times by the time sex begins, you may take either option.

After sex your atrtitude will change based on how impressed Nicole is.