Hornyz Jackie

1.0 Intro

Jackie is a cheerful tranny who loves partying and having fun.

2.0 Basic conversation

Do say:
“I just wanted to see if your dick is really as cute as you are”
“If you haven’t told me I would have never guessed you used to be a guy”

Don’t say:
“Well how else can I believe you really are a tranny girl?”
“It’s the most interesting one though” – if you do say this, make sure you also say “Sorry I meant it as a compliment” to negate the loss of favor

3.0 Advanced conversation

Do say:
“Wow, what a jerk”
“I like it”

Don’t say:
“You could tone it back a little”

4.0 Date preparations

Your best choice of outfit is sexy. Stylish and fetish works too. Do not go wearing casual or work attire, and most definitely avoid having elegant clothes on when you meet up.

You will be going clubbing, have at least 100 dollars ready for the night.

5.0 Date

The first thing you will have to decide is where you want to go.

You can visit a fancy club. This is an ok choice, nothing special.

You can go to a trendy little cocktail bar. She will love this and you will gain 3 favors.

You can also hit a nearby pub. She won’t like this choice and you will be punished with -2 favors.

Her choice for the next venue is a karaoke and dance bar. There you will have to pick between having a karaoke session or dancing. Alternatively, you could refuse both.

You choose karaoke. Jackie goes first and you have to manage the singing after her. If you have a charm skill of 3 or higher, you will gain 3 favors, otherwise none.

You choose dancing. Strangely enough, 0 dance skills will earn you 2 favors, for dance skills of 1 and 2, you will be granted 1 favor, while dance skills of at least 4 will gain you 3 favors.

You refuse and suggest that you just hang out. You will lose 3 favors.

Keep on partying or go home and bang?

If you haven’t collected at least 10 favors by now, you should suggest a next stop for your party tour, but you will have to have a fitness of 2 or higher. If you manage, you’ll be banging.

If you have collected at least 10 favors by now, you should suggest going home. You’ll be banging.