Hornyz Arianna

1.0 Intro

Airanna is a transsexual woman.

2.0 Basic conversation

Do say:
“Any pic will do where I can see you, because you´re beautiful, I´m sure, in and out of dress. 🙂 But one where you sport a nice bulge between your legs will literally make my day. :)”
“You know, I look at you and I see woman. Really, you must have been born that way, there is no doubt about it.”

Don’t say:
“Oh OK… How about being narcissistic? LOL” (If you do, however, do say this: “Well, I also meant that as a joke, so it seems we both misread each other… Sorry.”)
“Just something that lets me know that you´re actually a transwoman.”

3.0 Advanced conversation

Do say:
“Wow, you´re dangerous! I love that! :)”
“I really like you”

Don’t say:
“Although, talking about sexual harrasment in such a way, maybe that’s problematic. Could offend some people.”

4.0 Date preparations

Outfits with favors they grant are as follows:
+2 work
+1 casual, fetish
-1 stylish
-2 elegant, sexy

Have at least 100 dollars.

5.0 Date

The first thing you will have to decide is where you want to go.

You can visit a fancy club. This is an ok choice, nothing special.

You can go to a trendy little cocktail bar. She will love this and you will gain 3 favors.

You can also hit a nearby pub. She won’t like this choice and you will be punished with -2 favors.

She will take you to a nice and cozy restaurant that hosts magician performances. There, she suggests you volunteer for an act.

You can accept. If your charm is 4 or higher, you will get 3 favors. If not, you will get none.

You can volunteer Arianna. If your charm is 4 or higher, you will get 2 favors. If not, you will get 1.

You can downright refuse. -3 favors.

Keep on partying or go home and bang? She wants to party, but….

If you have collected at least 3 favors and your fitness is lower than 2, you should suggest going over to your place for a decent fuck.

However, if you have at least 7 favors and a fitness of 2 or higher, you should keep on partying for a really awesome fuck afterwards.