Helen Storyline #2

1. Few days after your night with Helen, you receive a message from her asking whether you would like another date with her.
2. The date ends abruptly, and she tells you that she would like to ask small favors of you from time to time.
4. If you go along, this starts a series of favors and date requests from Helen happening in few days’ intervals. At some of these dates you get to have sex with Helen, but sometimes you can only watch or participate in other ways in their intercourse with Edward, her boyfriend.
5. At the end of one of your dates, she offers you a chastity cage to wear when you are not together.
6. If you go on like this, one day she calls and offers you a job as her secretary.
7. If you accept, your work as Helen’s secretary starts the next day whether you had a job previously or not. From now on, you have to go to the town hall each day and do the tasks she gives you there. These tasks are gradually more and more humiliating as you go along. In time she will also offer to use corporal punishment on you.
8. After a while, Helen announces her engagement with Edward. She also offers you a place in their life as an assistant both at home and at work.
9. If you go along, you attend Helen’s wedding and get a glimpse of your future life as Helen’s little cuckold (ending).