Dating Lily

1.: You can start this storyline when you first encounter Lily. Read one of the flyers you find around town and then pay a visit to her salon.

2.: There are multiple ways to start this storyline. You will need to have a dominant attitude, Fitness level 3, Charm level 3, Intelligence level 4 and at least an average penis.

  • Letting Lily to do as she likes during her free trial and then getting angry will make her approach you if you meet the requirements.
  • Flirting with Lily when you come to the salon a 2nd time succeeds if you meet the requirements.

3.: Lily will ask you to get her some concert tickets. You can either buy them online, or get them through Derek if you know him (and you can get a discount using your oral skills if you are good enough)
Getting the tickets will get you your first date with Lily.

4a: You can arrange dates with Lily through your phone.

  • You need to have money to go on a date, the amount depending on where you are going.
  • To go to the club you need to have been there once already.
  • You need elegant clothes to take her to the fancy restaurant.

4b:┬áIf you miss a date Lily will be angry. You can pacify her by buying the dead flowers in the gift shop as a gift. Turning up without a gift or the wrong gift will result in the termination of the storyline or diverting it to the ‘Sissy storyline‘.