Witchcraft Storyline

Witchcraft – Walkthrough


  1. You meet Mysterious Magdalene on the street, and she hypnotises you. The one clearing your mind of it is a strange old lady.
  2. After that, for 3 days you are haunted by this memory, and desire to see Magdalene again.
  3. If you go to the Carnival to see the hypnotism show during these 3 days, Magdalene calls you on the stage. You have the chance to escape, but you have to be adamant, because the audience will try to convince you to go on the stage.
  4. If you go along, you will be hypnotised again, and it will be the same old lady, who takes the effects of the hypnotism off you.
  5. Next day, if you go away from home, you will hear screaming on the street. If you investigate its source, you will see the old lady harassed by a man. If you decide to help, you will either knock the thief out, or he will knock you out. Either way, the old lady offers you to learn some mysterious art from her, which will help you understand the happenings of the past days. If you accept her offer, she will want to test you. She sends you to her apprentice, Z. While you are talking with her, sometimes you will see her as a young woman.
  6. Z can be found in the tattoo parlour. If you go there, a new option will appear allowing you to utter the secret motto of the coven to him.
  7. If you do, he will tell you that you need to be open to new experiences, so you will need to have sex with various types of people. You can go back to him if you had sex with 2 more men, 2 more women, and one more shemale.
  8. After completing his first quest, Z will send you to the park to collect flowers there. You will need to pick that one which speaks to you the most.
  9. In the park, if you go to the shady, wooded part of it, you will find 6 types of flowers: Valerian (flower with light pink clusters), Rosemary (one with small lilac buds and long needle like leaves), Amaryllis (flower with red and white petals), Tansy (tiny yellow clusters), Carnation (pink and white with lace-like petals), and Lily-of-the-Valley (flower with little white cups). In the description of the flowers, there will be hints concerning their nature and effect. You will have to choose one of those ones that have a nature matching the things you already know about the traditional ways of the coven. The ones that will let you continue your journey on the witchcraft path are: Valerian, Rosemary, and Amaryllis. If you drink it, the Amaryllis will increase your sexual experience, the Lily-of-the Valley will lower your attitude, the Valerian will increase your attitude, the Rosemary will increase your intelligence, and the Tansy and the Carnation will lower your intelligence.
  10. If you go back to Z, and give him the flower you picked, he will make a mixture of it, and ask you to drink it.
  11. If you refuse to drink it, he will take a sip of it, and kiss you, which will make you forget everything about the coven and the happening of the past days.
  12. If you accept the drink, and the flower you picked is one of the three he accepts, you will have the chance to have sex with Z based on your preferences (dominant or less dominant).  Afterwards, he will send you on to Ida in the porn studio (even if you refuse to have sex with him).
  13. If you are already a porn star, it will be easy to find Ida once you enter the porn studio.
  14. If you are not a porn star yet, then you will go there for an interview, and ask for a female interviewer with a little bit of extra. Then, you will meet Ida, and you can tell her the motto of the coven.
  15. Ida will ask you to prove your worth to her, and participate in porn movies, preferably in different roles (dominant and serving). To be able to participate in porn movies, you will need to be fit and experienced enough (see Porn star walkthrough for more information).
  16. After participating in three more movies, Ida will ask you to meet her at the mall next day at 6. If you go there, she will give you another task: you will need to go to the wooded part of the park at 10 pm on three consecutive nights.
  17. In the forest, you will meet a figure you don’t see properly. Each night will be a little bit different, as the figure gets closer and closer to you.
  18. At the end of the third night, Ida will find you, and ask you to meet her or Z (based on your preferences) at the park the next day at 8 pm.
  19. If you go there, you will have a chance to join the coven as an apprentice. You will be led to a clearing in the forest, where you will need to have sex with the old woman, who turns into a beautiful young woman, and a strange masked man (supposedly the one you met on those 3 nights you spent in the wooded part of the park). You will have the chance to choose which is the one leading the ritual, but the other one will help, too.
  20. This makes you an apprentice of the coven.