Witchcraft storyline part II: the apprentice

1. After becoming an apprentice of the coven, you receive a dream, in which Inola whispers a little poem into your ears.
2. When you wake up, you find a letter under your pillow. There are strange symbols on it; therefore, you can´t read it.
a.  The poem you heard in your dream will lead you to the answer: you will have to take a special kind of drug (the one that boosts your intelligence for that day) to read it.
b.  If you take the correct type of drug (either by being lucky or by knowing what you are looking for), you can read the letter.
3. It is from the coven, and it asks you to get taken to the prison (preferably for a longer time), and help one of the coven members there to get free. The one you have to free is either Agathe or Adrien depending on your sex.
a. Agathe is weird and scary with a shady background, but she is also very beautiful and alluring. She will use you without any bad feeling.
b. Adrien is very kind, humble and empathic, but he is also somewhat crooked and weird. He has a shady background, too. He will be sorry for using you the way he does.
4. When you get into the prison, you will have to talk to Lisa/Larry (based on your gender) in the yard.
a. If you find Molly/Dillon, or Wade, you can also ask them about Agathe/Adrien, but they will also send you to Lisa/Larry.
b. Lisa/Larry will tell you that Agathe/Adrien is kept in the restricted area of the jail for what they have done. She/He will tell her/him that you want to talk to her/him, but it has a price                     ($20).
c. After paying $20, Lisa/Larry will ask you what to tell Agathe/Adrien.
d. If you tell your name, the next day you will find a slip of paper in your cell telling you that Agathe/Adrien has never heard about you, so she/he will not talk to you.
e. If you tell the words of the coven, you will get the chance to meet Agathe/Adrien the next day – a guard will escort you there.
5. When you meet Agathe/Adrien, she/he will send you away if you are a prison bitch – a prison bitch is not fit to help her/him.
6. You can meet Agathe/Adrien again though Lisa/Larry, but you have to pay for it every single time.
7. If you are not a prison bitch, Agathe/Adrien will ask you to confess that it was you behind the crime they are accused of.
a. You can do it immediately after that scene. If you fail to do it, you will not have another chance.
b. If you confess, 20 days will be added to your sentence.
8. The next day, Agathe/Adrien will join the part of the prison where you are, and she/he will give you tasks each day (you will have to to the yard, the common room, or to the gym for that).
9. The following tasks will be imposed upon you:
a. She/he has drug with her/him, and she/he needs to hide it. You have to hide it (into your ass) with her/his help. Afterwards, you are caught with it. You either accept the extra days added                  to your sentence, or you can have sex with the guard. If you are good enough, no extra day will be added to your sentence.
b. You need to tidy one of the dirty bathrooms in the jail.
c. You need to tidy one of the dirty restrooms in the jail.
d. You need to please the guard in order to do a favour for Agathe/Adrien.
i. You can either talk with the guard (charm skill check);
ii. Or have sex with him/her (oral or dick/vagina skill check randomly);
10. You will have to collect 6 favours from the guard to free Agathe/Adrien.
a. You gain 2 favours after a successful sexual intercourse (-1 if you are too bad);
b. You gain 1 favour after a successful conversation.
11. After doing all the tasks Agathe/Adrien imposed upon you and collecting 6 favours with the guard, you can ask something of the jailer: you can either free yourself or free Agathe/Adrien.
a. If you ask for your own freedom, the witch storyline will end here for you.
b. If you ask for the freedom of Agathe/Adrien, the next day she/he will be released.
c. The guard cannot grant more favours to you after such a huge one.
12. You will find a slip of paper in your cell the next morning in which Agathe/Adrien thanks you for what you have done for them.
13. That night you will receive a dream, in which Agathe/Adrien tells you about the exact gathering place of the coven, and she/he sends a vision, which shows you how you can get there.
14. After getting out of the jail, a new location will appear on your map: the woods.

The content in the woods will be added shortly.