Trisha storyline

1. You can meet Trisha through the Hornyz application. She is a girl who wants a gentleman sensitive and thoughtful with a little bit of kinkiness (at least, in the beginning). You can date her only if you proceed slowly and gently with your questions and answers on chat. If you succeed, you will go on a date with her the next day.
This is an example of a successful chat talk with her:
You: Hi!
Trisha: Hey there! I was just thinking about msging u! Isn’t that crazy?
You: You look really cute on your profile pic.
Trisha: Thanks! I wanted to be a photographer when I was younger. Didn’t stick with it though.
You: I gotta ask – what’s wrong with macho men?
Trisha: I guess that’s a bit misleading. I didn’t mean anything bad by it. I like manly men just fine. Just don’t bring a shitty attitude.
You: That’s fair, I guess.
Trisha: It’s no big deal, really. Just had a few bad experiences in the past.
You: Prefer traditional dating then? No leather, whips or chains?
Trisha: 😀 No, none of those. I mean, I have some kinky thoughts. But nothing along those lines.
You: Wow mysterious… I am excited to find out more.
Trisha: Well maybe you will. I like your enthusiasm. 🙂 Let’s just start slowly, okay?
You: So you looking for something long term?
Trisha: Yeah, preferably. I mean I know this app is mostly for hooking up. Still, a girl can hope, right?
You: I think it’s sweet.
Trisha: 🙂 Thanks. Some guys make fun of me for it. Good to see not all of them are jerks.
You: You have listed plenty of date ideas in your profile. Got a preference?
Trisha: Why not dinner and a movie for our first? You can’t go wrong with a classic. 🙂
You: Sounds nice, why not.
Trisha: That’s the spirit!
You: This is going well, right? So how about that date?
Trisha: Yeah! I think we should meet! There is this romantic comedy I have been dying to watch playing tomorrow at 19:00. You can show me your dedication to the cause by suffering through it with me 😉
2. When dating her, you have to be careful about the changes of your appearance (and genitalia), because she is very specific in her requirements (small (2) to average (4) sized penis without chastity cage, manly (1) or masculine (2) face and body).
3. You take her to the cinema. You gain bonus points if you wear casual or sexy clothes, and you should definitely avoid fetish or work clothes here. There is a slightly humiliating moment during the film to which you need to respond positively instead of getting angry or annoyed in order to have a chance with Trisha.
5. You spend the night with Trisha and, if you were successful the previous night, she will hint at another date.
6. You can arrange another date by calling her. You can do this whenever you want after that (once each day).
7. The following date options can happen as you proceed with dating Trisha:
7a. If you call her during working hours (between 8 am and 5 pm), you might have a coffee date in her lunch break. At some of these coffee dates, she will want to try the free make-up offer with you. If you want to increase you chances with her, you need to accept it.
7b. If you call her during working hours (between 8 am and 5 pm), you might meet her in the park, where you two spend some sexy time together.
7c. If you call her after working hours (after 6 pm), you might again go to the cinema, and then you will proceed to your apartment, where she asks you to put on her panties. If you accept, you two have sex.
7d. As you proceed with the dates, you will be able to have a ‘drinking and dancing’ date with her. Other men will approach her to dance with her, and if you accept it, you get to spend the night together.
8. After dating for some time, Trisha calls you to arrange a beach date. If you go along, you spend the day at the beach with Trisha wearing thong and having sex with her afterwards.
9. Afterwards, if you go on, the following dates will take place:
10a. She invites you to the mall for a makeover. If you accept it, she gets your body completely shaved (except for you hair).
10b. She invites you to the mall for a makeover. If you accept it, you hair gets a little bit more feminine.
10c. She invites you to the mall for a makeover. If you accept it, you get a make-up.
11a. She invites you over to her place, where you are offered to dress up in one of her dresses.
12. She might again come up with the idea of a beach date. There again you are give thong to wear, and also a chastity cage.
13. After a while you are offered to choose between inviting her over for a date or have a night out with her.
13a. If you choose the latter, she will want a threesome with another guy, who calls you a sissy for the first time.
13b. If you invite her over to your place, you can decide whether or not to wear the thong she gave you. If you wear it, you gain bonus points with Trisha, and she will ask you to wear it more often.
14. She calls you and says that she has a big surprise for you. If you go along, she makes you wear female clothes and gives you a pill, which transforms your body. Then you spend the day together, and she starts calling you her girlfriend.
15. Your relationship changes: she does not always answer to your date offers, but rather calls you when she needs you.
16. Next time she will ask you to wear a chastity cage always when you are not with her.
17. Dates like this will follow:
17a. She takes you to the beauty saloon to order some kind of a treatment for you.
17b. She invites you to the mall to give more female clothes to you, and to make you humiliate yourself in front of the customers there.
17c. She asks you to take more of the pill she gave you. (After a while you have to earn the pills by doing small sexual tasks for her.)
17d. You will have to satisfy Brian, her macho boyfriend, to continue on your path of becoming a sissy.
18. If you go along, you will become more and more feminine and more and more humiliated by both Trisha and Brian. Now, you are a perfect little sissy.