Taxi Driver Storyline

The content starts in the “Look for a Job” option in your house. You need to ‘hunt’ for the job, which means going in the menu 3 times on different 3 days – it doesn’t have to be in a row.
On the 3rd day the option to apply for Noxi presents itself.


  • The only requirement for you to apply to and drive the night taxi is that your character has an IQ above 1.

  • Night driving is considered a side hustle, and not a full time job. As such you cannot find it if you are already employed, as the ‘Look for a job’ option in your home will not be present. This also means that you can keep looking for a job while working as a night taxi driver, however if you do get employed elsewhere you are forced to quit from driving. 


Once you apply, you get another option in your home that lets you do your side job as a night taxi driver.

  • All events are available on every day of the week, but certain days have a higher failure chance, which means that there is a chance that you get no customers.
    These days are:

    • Monday – around 25% chance of no passengers,
    • Tuesday – around 15% chance of no passengers,
    • Wednesday and Sunday – around 5% chance of no passengers.

Note: failed days also add to the number of ‘worked days’ in regards to ‘Noxi service fee’ (50$) which you are required to pay after every 5 workdays.

  • Your ‘Hotness’ rating is not on a 0-5 scale, but actually a 0-15. That is why you may get a positive rating from a customer yet your ‘rank’ doesn’t change. It did change the value however, but it is just divided with 3, so with every +3 ratings you get, you will receive a new rank.
    ‘Hotness’ is the main factor in the amount of tips you get each night and it is just a flat bonus to your income.
    For example: If you just reached the rank ‘Bonfire’ (12 points), that means that every night you work you get 12$ dollars in tips.

  • You can only work a limited number of nights in a row. After 3 days you are forced to take a break. But if you take a break on your own this counter will go back to zero as well.

Mundane events:


This is a typical workday with nothing special happening. You get 25-35$ of payment at random, plus your ‘Hotness’ rating in tips. At the end of the night your Hotness rating can increase or decrease by one, or not change. (There is slightly higher chance of increasing)


Skill-challenge events:


These are special events where you can apply your skills to earn bigger tips if you succeed, or suffer the consequence if you fail.

  • For the Fitness challenge, you are required to carry a heavy drunk guy from your car. You need a Fitness rating of 3 or higher to succeed, which awards you 10$ extra tip and a +1 rating. Otherwise you only get the rating and no tips.
    If you don’t have the Fitness required you might want to ‘Call for help’ which will give you a middleground of 3$ and the rating increase instead.

  • In the IQ challenge you are pitted against an annoying smartass passenger who just talks too much. If your character has an IQ skill of 6 (or higher), you will get a 5$ tip and a positive rating. If it’s 4-5 you only get a positive rating. If it’s below 4 you fail the challenge: You get less money overall, no tip and even your rating drops by one point.
    If you don’t feel like testing your wits you might want to ‘Suffer through’ her babbling, which gets you a 2$ tip and a positive rating.

  • The Charm challenge is the real test, putting you against every taxi driver’s second worst nightmare: the passenger threatening you for a free ride. You have three options here: reason, lie big time or let them off.
    If you choose ‘Reason’ you will need a Charm skill of 2 (or higher), which will award you the full price for the fare and a 3$ extra tip. Otherwise you will lose out on some money, get no tip and even lose a point of rating.
    If you go for the ‘Big lie’ you need to be a fantastic charmer with a Charm skill of 4 (or higher). Your lie will work so well that you not only get the money for the trip but a whopping 25$ extra in tips. If you fail however, you also fail big time: you are forced to give a free trip and your rating drops by 1 whole rank (-3 ratings).
    If you ‘Let them off’, you lose the fare money, but gain a positive rating as a consolation prize. However you will also lose 1 attitude (towards submissive). But no one said customer service was easy.

  • The Crime/Larceny event pits you against two criminals, who are talking in the backseat about illegal stuff and don’t notice that you heard all of it.
    You can chime in their conversation if you have enough criminal experience: Larceny rating above 1. If you are dominant (Attitude higher than 5) you’ll get a 25$ tip, otherwise you only get 10$, but either case you also get a positive rating too. If you try this without not enough or any criminal experience – Larceny rating below 1 – then they will demand a free ride: your overall daily income will decrease.
    You can also try charming them, but it’s risky: You need a charm rating of 3 or higher, in which case you’ll get an 8$ tip and a positive rating. If you fail, they will rob you, leaving you with only a 1$ income for the day, unless you are also fit – Fitness rating is 3 or higher – in which case they run from you, but don’t pay for their trip either, leaving you with less overall income, but at least they didn’t stole all your money.
    If you are lacking in either skill, your best bet is to just ignore them, which will award you a 3$ tip and no rating change.

  • The Dancer event asks you to show some empathy towards a sad, drunk girl who lost her love tonight.
    If you try to distract her with your charm, you’ll need a charm rating of 3 or higher to score a 5$ tip and a positive rating. Otherwise she will give you no tip and a negative rating.
    If you are a skilled dancer, that is: Have a Dance rating of 2 or higher, or you watched a purchasable Dance DVD at least 3 times – You should attempt to dance with her, which will give you a 10$ tip and a positive rating. But if you are not the king or queen of the dancefloor you will get no tip and a negative rating for embarrassing her.
    You don’t want to offer her sex, this is a trap answer, which will always result in her not paying for her trip, lowering your overall daily income, and she also gives you a negative rating.
    If you are not charming nor skilled with your feet, you should just offer your shoulder for her to lean on and listen, which will give you a small 1$ tip but also a positive rating.

  • The Navigation event requires you to figure out where a drunk passenger wants to go, using only context clues, but not the actual name of the place. The only skill to check here is of your real-life memory, to see if you know the city map well. You have 4 options to choose from, but only one right answer.
    Hint: The passenger won’t list places that are not visible right away, when you start a new game.
    – ˝Weird party place with the weirdos˝ – Extreme Circumstances
    – ˝Stop Sign Place˝ – The Red Light District
    – ˝Self art place˝ – Ink & Bling Tattoo
    – ˝Big building where you can borrow stuff from˝ – Library
    If you got it right, you’ll get a 5$ tip and a positive rating. If you take him somewhere else you get a slightly lower daily income, no tip and a negative rating.


Sexy events:


These are events with special NPCs that you can have sex – or a sexy event – with. Currently there are 7 of them that can pop up:

  • Edith – a sexy MILF lady
  • Barry – a strong, polite but headstrong man, who is only interested in guys.
  • Angel – a naive but cute girl who thinks you are doing the fake taxi thing from a porn movie.
  • Tina & Maya – two sexy girls who would do anything for a free ride.
  • Samuel – a handsome Hornstown celebrity, who is only interested in women.
  • Casey – a young girl who likes you, but likes your car a bit better.
  • River – a hot shemale who wants you to ´pretend kidnap´ her. 


All them are repeatable, once you initially found them or went through their short storyline.


  • Edith is the only NPC currently with an extended storyline. She asks you 3 riddles on 3 separate nights until she founds you worth and you can have a sex event with her. The answers to her riddles are the following – in order:
    • They are married (last option)
    • His last name (second option)
    • Seatbelt (first option)

Each correct answer – other than the striptease she provides – gives you a 3-4-5$ extra tip respectively and the final one also gives you a positive rating. You don’t lose anything for wrong answers, you can retry until you succeed, but she will give you only 1$ in tip – and no stripping.
Once you solve her three puzzles, she will offer you sex instead. Accepting it gives you the experience plus 5$ in tips, while rejecting her will only give you 1$.


  • Barry has a straightforward sex offer. He will offer a ‘sneak peak’ to female characters, but only has sex with male characters.
    Female characters can get a 3$ tip if they accept and a positive rating.
    Male characters can get a 10$ tip if they accept and a positive rating, but their attitude will drop by 1 point (towards submissive).
    Both will get only a 1$ tip if they refuse the offer.

  • Angel is another straightforward sex offer. She will always give you a positive rating if you accept, however due to her ‘expectations’ she will only give you a tip of 3$ if you are experienced, meaning that you had at least sex 10 times with woman. Though accepting sex with her boosts this rating as well.
    Rejecting her will give you 1$ tip and no rating.

  • Tina & Maya are teasing you to give them a free ride. You will be offered to give in to their demands, or you can just watch them instead if you forgo your tips, or outright refuse.
    If you give them a free ride you will lose out on some money in exchange for oral from two girls, and a positive rating.
    If you say you only want to watch, you will get no tips, nor rating, but get to see them enjoying themselves for your viewing pleasure.
    If you refuse you will get your money for the fare and a 1$ tip, but nothing else.

  • Samuel has a straightforward sex offer for female drivers, but for male drivers he only asks them to drive to a different location once he gets in the car. Unlike Barry, he doesn’t offer a ‘sneak peak’ to men.
    For female drivers, he will give you a 10$ tip and a positive rating if you accept his offer, and 1$ if they refuse.
    For male drivers, he will give you an 8$ tip if you switch directions and no tip if you try to offer yourself to him.

  • Casey ´technically´ offers sex, but she really wants to rock her socks off in your car. The first time you meet her, there is a special, one time event that can happen if you accept her offer right away, and it will give you a 10$ tip and a positive rating. On any subsequent meet-ups she’ll give you a 5$ tip and positive rating. Rejecting her at any point will only give you a 1$ tip and no rating change.

  • River is a straightfoward, kinky sex offer: You’ll have to pretend to kidnap her, then tie her up and fuck her. You can only do this if you don’t have a chastity cage, otherwise you have to refuse. Accepting will award you 10$, a positive rating, though your attitude also increases by one (towards dominant). Rejecting her will award you 1$ and no rating change.