Sugar daddy storyline

  1. You can meet Armand in the ˝Classics of erotic fiction˝ section of the library, while reading. When you close a book there, and you meet Armand´s requirements, he will approach you.
    1. He will only be interested in you if you
      1. Do not wear a chastity cage
      2. Your charm & your intelligence skill is higher than 1 (minimum 2)
      3. Your fitness skill is between the “somewhat toned” and the “muscular” level, which means it is higher than 0, but lower than 4. To reach the minimum, you need at least 4 workout session at the gym, but you should not get “extremely muscular ” or “freakishly muscular” (which are above the 4th level), because Armand will not be attracted to you that way.
  2. Throughout the storyline, you will collect favours with Armand and also sugarbaby points.
    1. If you do something that makes you grow in Armand´s eyes, it will give you favours, while if you do something that very much displeases him, it will take away some favours.
    2. If you let him take care for you and pay everything for you, and in return you are always there to please him, it will give you sugar baby points, while if you do not accept these things, it will take away these points.
  3. If you encourage him, Armand will start a conversation with you about the book you were reading.
    1. If you answer honestly, the outcome will depend on your intelligence.
      1. If it is high, you will gain favour
      2. If it is low, you will lose a favour
      3. If it is average, Armand will start telling his own opinion, and then you can either continue asking him about it or just let them stay in his thoughts.
        1. Asking him about it will give you a favour
    2. If you say that you haven´t reached that part, it will move you right to the next part.
  4. Then Armand invites you to have coffee with him at the nearby café. You can either accept and go with him immediately or refuse. If you refuse, you still have a chance to go with him the next day.


Coffee date

  1. Armand will take you to a French bistro, and there he will want to order something for you.
    1. Letting him order for you will reward you with sugar baby points, and then two options: letting him know that you do not like the drink he ordered or pretend that you like it.
      1. Telling the truth will test your charm
        1. If you have a low charm skill, you will lose a favour, while a high charm skill will give you a favour.
      2. Pretending to like it will give you a further sugar baby point
    2. If you decide to order for yourself, you will lose a sugar baby point, and the situation will test your intelligence.
      1. Having a low intelligence (below average) will make you embarrass yourself and lose a favour with Armand, while a high intelligence skill will give you favours with him.
  2. Afterwards, you have a chance to ask two questions of him. You can ask about his job, his interest in books and the library, his success and money, his education and knowledge, his hobbies and his age, and why exactly he invited you.
    1. Asking about his money and age will give you minus favour points, while asking about his hobbies, education and interest in books will reward you with plus favour points.
      1. In all cases he will ask the same from you, and your answers will check your intelligence and/or charm skills, and the character´s current social standing.
  3. If you insist and your attitude is rather dominant, you can ask a third question from him, but it will make you lose a sugar baby point.
  4. Afterwards he will ask about your life and plans, and you can choose to answer honestly or with minor adjustments.
  5. Here, the date will end, but if you have collected at least one favour with him, he will ask for your phone number to call you on another date.
  6. Returning home, you think about how your day was spent and you can ˝rate˝ this date with Armand for yourself.


Boat trip & restaurant date

  1. A few days later he will call you to arrange another date.
  2. If you refuse this date twice, he will not call you anymore.
  3. If you refuse him too often, it will give you minus favours with him.
  4. He will take you with his private yacht to an island where he pays for a special table at the seaside.
  5. Here, he will again order for you, and you can decide to go on with it or order instead something else.
    1. Ordering something else will take away a sugar baby point and one favour as well, while letting him order for you will reward you with one.
    2. If you order something for yourself he appreciates (mussels, the same he ordered), it will give you favours with him.
  6. When you go home on the yacht, rather drunk, he will want you to give hima  blow job, which you can refuse as well. Afterwards, he will say sorry for being too forceful.
  7. Returning home, you think about how your night was spent and you can ˝rate˝ this date with Armand for yourself.


Extreme Circumstances date

  1. A few days later, he will ring on your doorbell when you return home in the evening, asking you out again.
  2. If you refuse, he will come again with the same request, but if you refuse twice, he will not come anymore.
  3. He will ask about your day, and you can either be completely honest or just tell some good parts about it.
  4. You will drink quite much together, and then he will invite you to spend the night with him in a hotel room, which you can refuse, of course.
  5. Returning home, you think about how your night was spent and you can ˝rate˝ this date with Armand for yourself.


Glamour Camping on Puerto Coco

  1. A few day later, Armand will call you with the news that he booked a whole weekend for you two at an island called Puerto Coco.
  2. If you refuse this date, Armand will not call you anymore.
  3. If you go, the date will start next Friday.
  4. You will travel with a private aircraft to the island, where according to your own choice, you can spend the day on the beach or eating at a fancy restaurant.
  5. Afterwards, Armand will invite you to join him in the hot tub, naked.
    1. If you do join him, you will have sex.
    2. If you refused to have sex with you so far, but here you give in, it will give you three favours.
  6. After having a bath, you will join Armand in front of the tent to sit together and watch the sea. Here the storyline will end.
    1. If you have collected at least a few favours and many sugar baby points, he will offer you to continue this relationship in a more serious manner, you as his pretty partner he can count on to have a good time with, and he as your sugar daddy. You can either accept or refuse it.
    2. If you are low on sugar baby points, but you have collected at least a few favours with him, he will comment on you probably not being satisfied with his offer, but will offer the aforementioned deal for you. You can either accept or refuse it, or you can also refuse to be his sugar baby, but ask to be his partner seriously. 
      1. If you choose this third option, he will either accept and promise to try his best, or he will say no depending on the favours you have collected with him.
    3. If you haven´t collected enough favours, he will end your relationship here, and ask you to be his friend only.
  7. You spend two more days at Puerto Coco, and then you return to Hornstown.