Sissy storyline

1.: You can start this storyline when you first encounter Lily. Read one of the flyers you find around town and then pay a visit to her saloon.

2.: There are multiple ways to start this storyline.

  • The easiest is to let Lily do as she likes with you for your free trial. After it’s done don’t be angry or genuinely happy about the changes and agree to her terms. (voluntary path)
  • Lily will also offer you the chance if you try to flirt with her when you come to the salon a 2nd time but fail to impress her. (voluntary path)
  • Lily will give you this as an ultimatum if you forget to turn up for a scheduled date and don’t bring her the right gift to pacify her. (voluntary path)
  • If you are male and refuse to pay her after a treatment you will get forced into this storyline. (forced path)

3a: The voluntary path then proceeds with a series of events. Once you change a sufficient amount, the next step is triggered. You can stop the storyline when you get punished for failing to do as Lily asks. The events are:

  • Lily will give you long, blond, curly hair. (needed to advance)
  • Lily will give you makeup.
  • Lily will give you a massage with the option of masturbating afterwards. Doing so will lower your Fitness skill by 1. (0 Fitness is needed to advance)
  • Lily will give you some reading material which will lower your  Intelligence skill by 1. ( less than level 5 Intelligence is required to proceed)
  • Lily will make you help her at her job, making you more submissive. (Attitude less than 4 is required to proceed)

During this phase you can have your first encounter at the mall with Lily.

3b: The involuntary path is very similar to the voluntary one but you cannot stop it. Even if you try to stay away from the saloon a strange compulsion will eventually force you to go back.

4.: Once you meet all the criteria, Lily will give you your very own sexy panties during a scene. After that you will be able to continue repeating the previous scenes until you have a second mall encounter will become available where you get your very own sissy dress from Lily.
This is the end of the storyline if you don’t have a penis!

5.: Once you have both the panties and the sissy dress as well as a dick, Lily will offer to take things to the next level. She gives you a job as her assistant in the saloon and puts you into chastity if you agree (you cannot refuse if you are on the involuntary path).
She introduces you to her new “sissy point system” – you will now have to earn points before you can do anything with your locked up dick. There are plenty of opportunities to earn and lose points during the storyline.
– Arriving late to work gives you -2 points for every hour you missed (work starts at 8 a.m.)
– Missing a day at work (unless you asked for a day off through the phone – only on the voluntary path) gives you -10 points per day
– Not wearing make-up, having facial or body hair will give you negative points
– Completing a day of work will give you 5 points.
– During the day there is 50% chance for an encounter to happen. These can give you negative and positive points depending on your choices and skills.
– After work Lily might ask you to pleasure her. This will get you points.
– After work Lily might ask you to undergo body modifications for her. These will make your body or face more feminine, your boobs bigger or your dick smaller but will not make you grow a vagina. Obeying her will get you points.
– After work Lily might ask you to join her later in the club ‘Extreme Circumstances’ in your sissy getup. Doing so will initiate threesome scenes with either Kyle or Mary-Ann and get you points.

6.: There are a multitude of rewards you can ask for if you have enough points. The ‘200 points big surprise’ is what unlocks the ending for the storyline. You spend a night of passion together with her and she will give you an option to abandon the whole point system – together with your independence – and become her permanently locked sissy.
Agreeing will give you the sissy ending.