Player submission

1.: To start this storyline you need to go to the club ‘Extreme Circumstances’. You need to pay the entrance fee and wear either stylish clothing or your sissy dress to enter.

2.: Sit at the bar and watch the crowd for a while. The gender you choose will determine the gender of the dominant that approaches you.

3.: After meeting them, the Dom will want to test your abilities before they agree to train you. A level 3 or better Oral sex skill is required to proceed.

4.: You will get to choose what your Master/Mistress will call you. After this your training begins.

5.: Visiting your Dom will trigger an event. What events are available depends on your submission rating. Submitting to your Dom’s wishes raises your submission rating and will result in them rewarding you. Refusing their wishes will lower it and make them punish you.

Failing to perform well enough, not visiting your Dom while in the club and trying to have a submissive will also result in punishment.

6.: Once you reach the required submissive level your Dom will collar you which starts the next level of the content. Previous content will still show up ⅓ of the time. There is no current way of removing your collar. Some NPCs will comment on it and you will be locked out of the Dominant storyline for wearing it.

7.: Things proceed in very much the same way as before only you can’t really refuse to do anything anymore. New content includes more extreme bondage, public humiliation, extreme anal play/fisting and watersports/urination.

8.: You can opt out of urination and fisting content by begging but expect to be punished for it. Doing this will still allow you to reach the submissive ending.

9.: When doing challenges there is a random element to the games. You can lose even when you are very good at them. Here are the skills tested:
Anal-tug-of-war tests Fitness+Anal skill

69 contest tests Oral skill

Gloryhole challenge tests Oral skill or Intelligence (player choice)

Face-dildo challenge tests Fitness or Intelligence (player choice)

10.: After a while your Dom will tell you they want to take things to the next level. This will bring you to the option of living at your dominant’s house. This will allow you to continue playing the game – although it should be significantly harder now as you have a lot of rules and regulations to adhere to. You can give up all your remaining independence and proceed to the “submissive ending” any time you want from here.
If you want to see more of the content you can just return to the club at the start which will reset the timer on this event.