New Park Stories

  1. The park is open from 8 am until 10 pm, however, you can enter even after 10 pm, but then you have a slight chance of getting caught by the police for trespassing (with camo equipment and higher larceny skills, this chance can be reduced even further).
  2. In the park, you have – usually – three choices:
    1. Spend a little time there
    2. Do some workout
    3. Spy at couples having sex
  3. If you spend a little time in the park, the following can happen:
    1. Spend some nice time there without special events
    2. Fall asleep without special events (chance increased at later hours)
    3. Fall asleep and get robbed (chance increased at later hours)
      1. Some money is taken from you ($1-$20)
    4. Fall asleep and be taken for a homeless (chance increased at later hours)
      1. Gain some money ($1-$20)
    5. Fall asleep and get molested by a stranger (chance increased at later hours)
      1. Someone starts satisfying you while you are dreaming
    6. Meet a young college student (either a boy or a girl depending on preferences) walking her dog (available only in the early hours, until 7 pm)
      1. If you pet the dog, its saliva will soil your clothes, and the girl/boy will offer some help with it
      2. If you accept, you two will have some crazy sex involving some bondage equipment
      3. You can meet him/her again, and if you have petted the dog before, she will offer to have sex again (repeated scene)
    7. Meet some young stoners (only after closing hours, from 10 pm)
      1. You can approach them, and with a higher (> 3) charm skill, you can also join them.
        1. In this case, the night becomes a rather lengthy one with alcohol and weed, and (optionally) drunk sex (guy or girl, based on preferences).
      2. The encounter is repeatable
  4. If you do some workout, you have a chance to bump into some girls or guys eyeing you.
    1. You can put on a show for them, and their reaction will depend on your fitness
  5. The voyeurism part is basically the previous voyeurism (15 scenes you can catch)
    1. Chances improved by binoculars, night vision and camo equipment