Maid storyline

1.: The storyline is started by talking to Mrs. Spencer in your house. Agreeing to learn more about housekeeping starts the voluntary path while being rude to her starts the forced path.

2a: The voluntary path is advanced by taking your lessons repeatedly. There are five events and some of them will have to be completed to move forward.

  • You need to agree to wearing an apron
  • You need to agree to her calling you by your first name
  • You need to agree to wear a frilly apron
  • You need to agree to work instead of her

During this phase you can encounter Mrs. Spencer at the mall where you get a frilly maid cap if you help her with her things.

2b.: The involuntary path starts with her sending you a message. Refusing to meet her or to show up for work for the first time results in the ‘jailed’ bad end.
After you start working for her misbehaving, results in a spanking but if you miss work too much she will get annoyed and it goes to the  ‘jailed’ bad end. Advancing through this path is linear. If you anger Mrs. Spencer and have a penis, she will lock you into a chastity cage instead of spanking you.

3.: At the end of both paths you receive your maid uniform and you are informed that from now on you will work at client’s houses. First you get random clients. The length of this phase is determined by how high your Housekeeping skill is.
Not showing up for work, not wearing your uniform or being late results in a punishment. Making too many mistakes will result in getting fired (voluntary path) or jailed (involuntary path).

4.: When you are skilled enough you get your very own clients: Kyle and Mary-Ann. Each has a series of events you need to go through to get to the next stage. Your behaviour during this events will be important for Mrs. Spencer’s eventual evaluation. Generally refusing orders and doing naughty things without a client’s approval is bad while obeying them and being competent is good.

There are 8 events in total. Once you have experienced each at least once you are ready for your final test.
During this phase you can encounter Mrs. Spencer in the mall for a second time. She has a job for you…

5.: Mrs.Spencer informs you that you will have to work at a fancy party – as one of the servants of course. Events that happen here have a big effect on your evaluation.
5a: You encounter Lily and her boyfriend who have ordered an expensive drink. You need Charm level 3 to serve them with sufficient grace.
5b: Someone has spilled their drinks – actually it’s one of the dominants from the club. You need a Houskeeping skill of 5 or more to clean it up in time before thy get angry.

5c: There are some drunk people – with Dr. Marlowe from the clinic among them – who want to order. A lot of things. You need an Intelligence level 5  not to get confused by them.
5d: It seems that the surgeon lady from the clinic had a lot to drink and now wants some company – from one of the help. Avoiding the encounter is the right way to go if you want to raise your score.

6.: After the party Mrs. Spencer gives you your evaluation. There are three possible outcomes here.

  • If you were bad enough she will fire you
  • If you weren’t you can go on being a maid normally, working for Kyle and Mary-Ann
  • If you were exceptionally good she will offer you to become her own personal maid. This will bring you to the option of living at her house. This will allow you to continue playing the game – although it should be significantly harder now as you have a lot of rules and regulations to adhere to. You can give up all your remaining independence and proceed to the “Maid ending” any time you want from here.