Keiko Cuckold Story Part 2

Keiko 2: Cuckold


  1. After reaching the cuckold end with Keiko, your life starts as Keiko´s cuckold.
  2. She or Ichiro will call you roughly every second day (random) asking you to go over.
  3. When they don´t call you, you can’t go over, but you can watch Keiko through her window (only in the afternoon). 
    1. When you decide to watch her through her window, the following situations can come up randomly
      1. She is not at home;
      2. She is masturbating, while talking on the phone (supposedly with Ichiro, but you can’t know for sure;
        1. You can just watch it or masturbate while watching the scene.
      3. She is having sex with Ichiro. 
        1. You can just watch it, or masturbate while watching the scene, or you can record it with your phone as well.
    2. Hint: If the option of watching her through the window appears, she will not call you that day, if it doesn’t, then she is very likely to call you later during the day/night.
  4. At first, she calls you during the evening, because she is afraid, and wants you to go over to comfort her. There, you will sleep together, but nothing important happens.
  5. Then, she invites you over to spend the night with her. You will read out for her, while she is sleeping in your lap.
  6. Then, she asks for your help, because Ichiro invited her for a party his partners are organising. You will need to help her prepare for that, and Keiko also asks you to order a car for her. You order a taxi for $25, a limousine without a chauffeur for $50, or one with a chauffeur for $100.
    1. If you order a taxi or a limousine with a chauffeur, Keiko will leave for the party, and this is the end of that night´s event for you.
    2. If you order a limousine without a chauffeur, you will have to be her chauffeur that night. You will drive her to the given place, and she will ask you to wait for her. You get hungry while waiting for her, so you go eating, and when you get back, you find the drunk Keiko and Ichiro having passionate sex on the car, where everyone can see them.
  7. Then, she calls you over again, and you watch a movie together. This night will end in you having sex with Keiko.
  8. Then, Ichiro calls you, because he needs your help. He would like to plan a perfect night for Keiko, and this should include you. If you go along, you will have to dress formally; Ichiro will not let you go with them if you don´t wear elegant clothes. Ichiro will take Keiko and you to a restaurant in the confines of Hornstown. It is extremely elegant, and special, and Ichiro has booked a private room for you three. However, you are not there to be a guest, you are there to be the waiter/waitress for them. Serving them, however, is not just about taking the orders and bringing the food.
  9. Then, she is having a nightmare again, and calls you in the middle of the night. If you go over to give comfort to her, you will sleep together, and she will have a sexual dream about Ichiro. You can either interrupt it by waking her up, or you can watch and finger her while she is dreaming about him.
  10. Then, Ichiro again invites you to the restaurant you visited before, but now he made a special reservation. Keiko and Ichiro will eat sushi from a naked girl, and then they have a threesome you can watch, but only watch.
  11. Then, Keiko invites you over again for the night to cook something together. However, Ichiro will interrupt the night, appear, and have sex with Keiko right in front of your eyes.
  12. Whenever you fail to go on an arranged date or somehow fail Keiko, she will not call you, but you will have the chance to go over and apologise. If you do, she will punish you, and the forgive you for what you´ve done.
    1. At the first and second time, she will let you go with only some reprimanding words.
    2. Then, she will invite you in, chain you, and put blindfold on you, and then she will have sex with Ichiro. All you can do is listen to them.
    3. Then, she will invite you in, where Ichiro is waiting. At Ichiro´s encouragement Keiko puts chastity cage/nipple clamps on you, and laughs at you as you suffer.
    4. Then, she will invite you in, put the chastity cage/nipple clamps on you, and masturbate in front of your eyes. The chastity cage will remain on you afterwards.
    5. Then, she invites you in, puts nipple clamps on you, torture you a little bit with it, and make you satisfy her and Ichiro. Afterwards, they have sex, and you can masturbate while watching them.
  13. Afterwards, these events repeat themselves randomly. To reach the end of the storyline, you have to complete a total of 20 of such events. Then, Keiko will ask you to hire a limousine for her again, because she liked it so much last time. Now, if you would like to end the story, you will have to choose the $50 option, where you will be their chauffeur again (if you choose another option, this event will appear after completing another 3 of the previous events).
    1. Keiko and Ichiro will fight in the car, and you will have to turn the music on not to hear them, and pull up the separator in the limousine not to see them.
    2. After a while, you don’t hear them shouting anymore, and you will stop the car, and see what they are doing.
    3. You will find them having passionate sex, and you spot a ring on Keiko´s finger.
    4. Afterwards, she announces that they are engaged.
  14. Three days pass without you hearing about Keiko, and then she leaves a message inviting you over.
    1. You can go over only in the afternoon.
    2. She announces that she is pregnant, and that she and Ichiro are about to leave Hornstown – it is not for children.
    3. Here, you have to make a decision: you either leave Hornstown with them, possibly forever, or let Keiko vanish from your life.