If you are unable to pay or charm your way out of a fine you are taken to jail. The time you need to spend there depends on the amount of fine you recieved.

1.: In jail all inmates are going to be the same gender as your character while guards will be the opposite. Your money is taken but you won’t have to pay any upkeep while in there.

2.: You can try to smuggle in drugs or money when going through the intake process. Failing to do it will result in an extended sentence. The Larceny skill will help you succeed here.

3.: In jail you have four ways of spending time: the dayroom, the yard, the gym or volunteering for work. The first three are locations with their own events that can trigger randomly and take up half a day. The work detail will take up your whole day and has no special events but you will be able to work off an extra day from your sentence by choosing it or you can ask for money instead.

4.: No matter where you go, the first event triggered will always be Bertha/Bill wanting to make you her/his bitch. If you have a dominant personality (6+ Attitude) you can just stare her/him down otherwise you have to fight. A Fitness of 4+ is required not to be beaten. If you fail or go along willingly you will become a prison bitch.
5.: An event concerning your status in jail will repeat every few days. What it is depends on your actual status.
– If you are a bitch you will get humiliating tasks from your owner. Refusing allows you a chance to get out of this position (Fitness 3 is needed).
– If you have an average reputation the bully will try to make you his/her bitch again. It will only happen if you let yourself intimidated.
– If you are ‘top dog’ you have to face a challenger to preserve your status. The outcome depends on your Attitude and your Fitness. The more dominant you are the more likely it is you can avoid a fight and the fitter you are the more likely you are to win it.

6.: Other jail events are different depending on your status. (bitch, normal or top dog). Being tough has its price however, you can add to your sentence by picking fights or partaking in them.

7.: One of the jail yard events has you learning about Larry/Lisa the inmate with a lot of influence. You can also get this information from Dillon/Molly if you save him/her in the gym. This is a useful contact and has a lot of applications.
– You can gain money by taking a blame for another inmate’s crimes. This extends your sentence.
– You can have your crime record erased. This will help you get smaller fines/shorter sentences again once you are free.
– You can have days removed from your sentence by paying him/her money
– You can sell your smuggled drugs to him/her or buy a new one that helps time go by faster.
– You can earn money from him/her by whoring yourself out. This will remove your ‘Top Dog’ reputation though if you had any.
8.: One of the common room events has you partaking in a fight. If you are not a bitch this will introduce you to Wade who is organizing a little ‘fight club’.
– You can choose money or days removed from your sentence as a reward for winning.
– You can also choose to fuck your opponent if you win. If you lose they might want to fuck you.
– Having a high enough Fitness is only half of winning a fight. Every enemy has a particular fighting style you have to deal with either by having enough Charm, Intelligence or Larceny to best them at their own game. Verbal clues help you to learn who uses what.
9.: Once your sentence is over you can leave the jail and have your money and clothes returned to you.