Incest storyline

1.0: This storyline starts when all of these prerequisites have been fulfilled:

– It’s at least day 8
– You have been to Extreme Circumstances
– You have discovered the nude beach
– You have been to the Horned Cat strip club
– You have found Mickie’s alley and went in (you don’t have to buy anything)

2.0: Once all of the above are true you will get a random encounter in the city where your stepmom is calls you announcing that she and your stepbrother/sister (the gender is determined whether you have had sex with men or women more at this point) wants visit you. You can agree to it, delay the visit (she will call again in about 10 days) or dismiss the storyline completely.

3.0: Once you have accepted the visit you have seven days before they arrive. The storyline is three days long and it is assumed your character has notified work/friends acquaintances so you don’t have to do anything in that regard. However you do have to make sure not to make plans (HotnyZ dates, Trisha/Mira dates etc.) on your own for that period.

4.0: Once they arrive your stepmom and stepsister/brother have a nice relaxing evening with you where they comment on all the changes you went through since they last saw you. After this you will go to sleep and your three days together will start. Each morning you will have a decision who to accompany on an adventure to the city.
To unlock a sex scene with either of them you have to choose the same person each day (so either spend all three days with your stepmom or all three with your stepsister/brother).

5.0: Each day has you partake in something sexy and highly inappropriate with a family member. Each day you have a choice to take the event into a different direction. These choices influence the end of the storyline. Picking a transformative choice on day 1 and day 2 will unlock the transformative ending for the storyline.

6.0 : Your stepmom’s transformative storyline makes more sense for submissive players and ends with her becoming a dominant shemale at experilab. To be able to reach this ending you have to:
– Tell her about your waitress being a shemale on the first day
– Don’t stop her when she is having fun with the stripper on the second day
6.1 : Your step-sibling’s transformative storyline makes more sense for dominant players and ends with him/her becoming a submissive sissy/slutty bimbo. To be able to reach this ending you have to:
– Encourage her to experiment with her submissive side by accepting the dominant stranger’s offer on the first day
– Encourage her to wear something ‘risky’ to Extreme Circumstances on the second day

7.0 : Regardless of your choices and how far you have gotten in theior storylines your stepmom and step-sibling leave on day 3, and the normal flow of the game returns.