Hornyz Mykka

1.0 Intro
She’s a rebel. Try to be one, too.

2.0 Basic conversation

Do say:
“Know how you feel. Got fired from my job recently. Best thing that ever happened to me.”
”Well I am a sex slave and wear a collar around my neck.”
“Well I used to be a guy”
“Well I wear a gimp suit at work”

Don’t say:
“You should stick with it, it will get better”
“So do you ever cheer up?”
“Well I had a threesome”
“Well I had sex in a public place”

3.0 Advanced conversation

Ask her “What are you looking for that’s not conventional?”. Your reaction should preferably be “A guy? Do you mean Mickie?”. If you don’t know him, go with “Interesting”. However, don’t say “That sounds dangerous”.

Don’t propose a dinner and a movie for the date.

Date preparations

Don’t wear any kind of stylish outfit. Under no circumstances should you attend the date in an elegant attire. Go for fetish or at least sexy outfit instead.

4.0 Date

She will break out some pills she’ll want to take. If you have enough expertise in drugs, you will recognize it as a weird one that will make you feel real good for a few hours and then swap your genitals for another set. You will have three choices:

Follow her to a secluded place. This is the neutral thing to do as far as date-progression goes.

Suggest to take them in the open. This will earn you a lot of favors with her, but will also penalize you with a crime score.

Decline the offer. She won’t like this and the date will come to a premature end.

Later she will propose the two of you do something crazy. You will have the following ideas:

Mess with someone annoying. It will earn you a favor with her. In case you don’t have a larceny experience of at least 2, you will gain 2 crime scores.

Piss into a fountain. One the one hand Mykka will love this a lot, on the other hand you will receive 3 crime scores.

If your intellect is higher than 4, you will have the option to suggest something less risky. This will neither give you favors with her, nor will it take away any.

After you manage to evade security, you will both want to have sex. But should you do it out in the open or look for a secluded place? The decision lies with you.

Doing it in public will earn you 2 favors and a crime score.

Doing it in private will not.

Either way, what happens in the next act will be determined by the amount of the crime score you’ve accumulated during the date.

If your crime counter for this date is 4 or higher, the police will show up.

If you have no previous criminal record, you can pay a fine of 30 dollars or spend 5 days in jail.

If your existing criminal record is lower than 50, you will have to pay 50 bucks or do 10 days.

If your existing criminal record is higher than that, you will have to either pay 100 dollars or be incarcerated for 15 days.

Your crime record will grow by 10 and your arrest count will be raised by 1. Then the date ends.

If your crime counter for this date is lower than 4 and you’ve gained enough favors with Mykka, you two proceed to your place where you can try your new equipment with a Mykka who has a dick now. If you haven’t managed to accumulate enough favors, she will leave you with your new genitals. Then the date ends.