Hornyz Mr. Stewart

Mr. Stewart is a man who puts lots of emphasis on mannerisms, elegance and intellectual conversations. Apart from that, he appreciates art of both the sexual and the mundane kind.
Keep in mind his formal mannerisms when picking your outfit for the date. Being polite and attentive goes a long way with him. He doesn’t like to rush things. Instead try to actively participate in discussions. Social skills will help a lot.

There might be several ways to get him to go on a date with you. The following conversation is one of them:

Player: Hello
Mr. Stewart: Oh, hello! I was rather hoping you would contact me!
Player: You are very formal.
Mr. Stewart: Of course. It’s, basic manners, really. Just because you are not talking face-to face there is no reason to mangle the language.
Player: Actually I agree. Also, it’s sexy.
Mr. Stewart: Right? It makes everything better.
Player: You don’t seem like a typical BDSM master to be honest.
Mr. Stewart: Is there even such a thing? I do not wear black leather or chains and I don’t think physical size and posturing is necessary to convey dominance.
Player: You are confident enough, that’s true.
Mr. Stewart: Oh, believe me dear, I am more than confident enough for you.
Player: What exactly are your plans if we meet?
Mr. Stewart: I thought we should start out slowly, just getting to know each other over a nice dinner. Then if we are both happy with each other I would like to show you some of my previous works. And after that…who knows where the night takes us.
Player: I am sure you know best
Mr. Stewart: And don’t you ever forget it!
Player: So if we go out will there be whips and paddles as well?
Mr. Stewart: Actually no. I do not enjoy causing pain directly. I find that it distracts the subject from fully appreciating the art of binding them.
Player: I am sure I will appreciate your talents fully Mr. Stewart
Mr. Stewart: I am too, my dear. I am too.
Player: So is sex off the table? Are you looking for any or is it just bondage?
Mr. Stewart: Well of course not! It will be like the icing on the cake. You will have to earn it though.
Player: All this talking is starting to make me real horny Could you send over a nice, sexy picture?
Mr. Stewart: I am always glad to indulge my fans. Here you go.
Player: Thanks! I guess I should return the favor. [SEND A SEXY BUT CLOTHED PICTURE IN RETURN]
Mr. Stewart: You are very pleasant to look at, John!
Player: I definitely think we should meet.
Mr. Stewart: And so do I. I will pick you up tomorrow at 8PM. I am looking forward to meeting you in person.
Mr. Stewart closed the chat.

As mentioned before, you have to pick a suitable outfit to make him happy. Elegant is the best.
He does arrive the next day at 8PM as the notification will show right on time: “You need to meet up with Mr. Stewart right now” Just click “right now” and it will take you to the date.

Once at the restaurant, you will be presented with the options to either try to keep up with him, simply listen or do something under the table. Here, you will have to remember how Mr. Stewart likes if things follow a certain order and how much he appreciates being conversational. Thus, the correct choice is trying to keep up with him.

After advancing to his little exhibition, you should do your best to suffer through his endless speeches about the technical details for the reward.

After that, he will surely let you have a place in his exhibition. If you want to score big with him, you should choose the contraption that he seems to be the most fascinated with.