Hornyz Kim

1. Intro

Kim describes herself as naturally dominant and wanting to try out kinky stuff. It’s okay to be inexperienced, but you have to follow her lead. Be as submissive as possible. Polite, respectful and straightforward conversations will get you a date with her.

2. Basic conversation

2.1. Your first line should be “Shouldn’t I call you mistress maybe?”

2.2. In the first phase of the chat, whenever you get the chance the following line, do so:
“Whatever would please you the most.”

2.3. Avoid using the lines below, though:
“I will make you scream with delight!”
“I really just want to get my hands on you.”

3. Advanced conversation

3.1. Do not use the following:
“I don’t think so.” (When she asks you to send a pic first.

3.2. When you ask for full body pic, do send one first upon her asking. When you get to arranging the date, do with the dinner.

4. Date preparations

4.1. Your outfit choice matters. To make a really good impression, pick either stylish or elegant. Do not pick casual or sexy. Picking a work or fetish outfit will end the date before it can really start.

4.2. It’s good to have sexual encounters at least 5 times before you go on a date with her.

5. Date

When you address her, you should be calling her ‘mistress’. When she orders dinner for you, just go with it. When she starts the footsie game under the table, you should endure it. The worst thing you could possibly do in that case is to retaliate. You will be splendidly rewarded for your obedience.