Hornyz Jacob

1.0 Intro

Jacob wants sex only and won’t have any of all the bullshit that’s not it.

2.0 Basic conversation

Do say:
“So it’s all sex with you? Wham, bam thank you ma’am?”
“Well if you are as good as you say I might want seconds”
“Well my ass is always ready for cock” / “Well my pussy is always ready for cock”

Don’t say:
“Don’t you think you owe me a dinner at least?”
“C’mon I have a cock your ass would love.”/”C’mon I have a strapon with your name on it.”

3.0 Advanced conversation

Don’t say:
“I like how direct you are about what you want”

When he prompts you to pick a venue for the date, go for the park.

4.0 Date preparations

To make the best impression, you are going to have to wear a sexy outfit, but stylish works, too. Wearing elegant or fetish attire will turn him off.

An attitude lower than 5 will earn you a favor.

5.0 Date

If you insist on finding a more secluded spot will cost you a favor – or the date if you don’t have enough.

If you go along, he will love it.