Hornyz Evie

1.0 Intro

She’s a sub girl, so you will have to project confidence and dominance.

2.0 Basic conversation

Do say:
“Just trust me I will give you what you want”
“I think I might want to try it as well. Maybe we could do something cool together”
“Who said I want something more casual? Don’t assume you know my intentions, girl”
“You are interested in being dominated then?”

Don’t say:
“That’s a relief”
“[Your first name] is fine”

3.0 Advanced conversation

Do say:
“Of course. Just let me take charge.”

Don’t say:
“Nope and I´m not sure I want to”

4.0 Date preparations

Your outfit choice counts. Put on a fetish attire for best effect. Stylish, elegant or sexy are also good choices. Do not go to the date wearing your work or casual clothes, though. >>>> Also, make sure you’ve got 5 bucks in your wallet. <<<< 5.0 Date

She’ll appear more like a hyperactive schoolgirl and less like a good sub. You will be prompted to either chastise her, praise her for her enthusiasm or to ignore it.

You chastise her. For this option you will need to be at least slightly dominant, otherwise it won’t be very effective. An attitude of at least 4 should be fine as you are going to receive +1 if you go with this choice,

You praise her for her enthusiasm. Same goes here, you will need to have at least 4 attitude and you receive +1.

You ignore it. This is the bad choice, she will be slightly turned off if you don’t take charge.

Once the two of you wander off in a less taken path and get close under an oak tree, she will soon be all over you. This is where you will be presented with another choice; take her right then and there or put an end to it for the time being.

You take her and the date ends.

If you push her away, the two of you proceed to a small café at the edge of the park where you have your next decision: remain authoritative or relax.

Remaining authoritative will earn you an increase in dominance and favors with her.

Relaxing your control will lose you favors with her.

You then propose to take her home. If you’ve played your cards well, she agrees. If not, the date is over.