Hornyz Drew

1.0 Intro

Drew is new to the world of online dating. He is a romantic and values connection over looks and plain sex.

2.0 Basic conversation

Do say:

“So why are you using this app? Looking for a boyfriend?”
“So why are you using this app? Looking for a girlfriend?”
“I liked your picture a lot. It’s cute and artsy.”
“I have been learning to dance.”
“I have been spending a lot of time with self improvement lately.”
“I agree. A connection is more important than looks or sex”
“C’mon you must be full of exciting accounting stories you are just bursting to tell”

Don’t say:

“Nothing springs to mind.”
“Does sex count?”
“Being a romantic is great as long as there is some good sex to back it up”

3.0 Advanced conversation

Do say:

“A movie together would be nice. And it’s a classic as first dates go.” / “We could just go clubbing together.”

Don’t say:

“So this ex girlfriend of yours was she hot at least”
“How about dinner together? I know a good restaurant.”

4.0 Date preparations

Outfits with favors they grant are as follows:
+2 sexy
+1 stylish
+0 casual, work
-1 elegant
date over fetish

If your charm is at least 2, you will gain 1 favor, otherwise you will lose 1.

5.0 Date

He will take you to the movies to watch a very artistic film. You can…

… try holding his hand. Good idea, +3 favors.

… do something more aggressive. Bad idea, -3 favors.

… just watch the movie. Nothing noteworthy happens.

On your way from the cinema to a bar, he will try discussing the move. You can…

… talk about it. The favor payout is as follows:
IQ < 4 +0 3 < IQ < 6 +1 IQ > 5 +3

… direct the conversation away from the movie with the following favor payout:
Charm > 3 +0
Charm < 4 -3 … just tell him it wasn’t your thing. This will gain you 1 favor. You will be getting to a bar. After a while he will want to leave. You can… … let him leave. The date ends. … take action and kiss him. If you’ve accumulated at least 9 favors, he will play ball and you will get laid.