Hornyz Dana

1. Intro

She’s a size queen, so you can only impress her with a big or a very big dick. She will want to go to the casino, so make sure you visit the place first and that are not banned from there before you meet up. It’s even better if you work as a prostitute there. Having a high intelligence and some physical prowess helps, while having too low will hurt your chances.

2. Basic conversation

2.1. Do say:
“I wanna fuck you!”
“I will tame you with my big, juicy dick”

2.2. Don’t say:
“Sorry what?”
“You were so beautiful I had to write to you!”
I will probably try to be extra special nice”

2.3. “Not sending you a dickpic.”
Only send her a dick pic if you are at least average size. She will only be impressed if you are bigger than average. Otherwise you might be better off denying her a dickpic despite making a bad impression.

3. Advanced conversation

3.1 Do say:
“Don’t worry babe I got you covered on both fronts.”

3.2 Take her to the casino.

4. Date preparations

4.1. Make sure you have visited the casino at least once and that your are not banned from there. Having a job there as a whore helps.

4.2 Your outfit choice counts. Put on shiny vest and pants or something elegant.

4.3. Having a high intelligence helps, while having too low will hurt your chances.

5. Date

5.1. She’ll want to use a specific machine which is currently occupied by a random man. You have three options, but only two of them have to potential to propel the date forward.

5.1.1. You intimidate the man. For this option you will need to be at least slightly dominant. Otherwise it will be a huge disappointment. If you are, however, this is the preferred option.

5.1.2. Ask nicely. Same goes here, you will need to be at least slightly dominant or it will be a huge disappointment.

5.1.3. Convincing her to do something else is not desirable.

5.2. Once you feel like you really want to fuck her at the roulette table, you have a choice to make. If you try to get lucky with her, you might just succeed. But if you don’t, then you lose her and your money. If you feel like you haven’t impressed her that much, you can just take your money and let her go.