Hornyz Dan

1. Intro

Dan is a divorced man who came out recently. He isn’t very tech-savvy, so keep it simple. He also happens to be dominant, so being submissive works best with him.

2. Basic conversation

2.1. Your opening line should be “You are not used to this are you?”

2.2. In the first phase of the chat, whenever you get the chance to pick any of the following lines, do so:
“Don’t worry it’s a lot easier to do than coming out.”
“Don’t worry it’s just textspeak” [special line]
“Well I for one am glad you are now playing for our team.”

2.3. Do not, however, pick any of these:
How about fucking? Have you done any actual fucking?
C’mon, get with the times grandpa!
So you cheated on her? That’s a crappy thing to do.

3. Advanced conversation

As you progress into advanced conversation, you can get some nudes from him, just send your first, because he’s a bit distrustful of technology.

3.1. Getting nudes
“I like your profile picture. Do you have a more revealing one?”
“What, like a nude picture? Ł Don’t think I want to send one over the internet. Ł You hear all sorts of things.”
“C’mon, it’s safe. See I will send one myself (send nude picture)”

Alternatively, you can convince him with your smarts if you have any, that is:
“Actually the safety protocols of the HornyZ webcode are top notch, no one could steal your picture.”

Do not, however, try to persuade him with this line:
“What, are you scared?”

3.3. Special
If you said “Don’t worry it’s just textspeak” earlier, you will have the opportunity to ask:
“So have you learned any interesting gay lingo?”
The only good response to what he says after that is “I think it’s a good thing. Also it suits you.”

3.4. Asking for a date
Time to pop the question of meeting up in person. When he asks if you have anything specific in mind, DO NOT go for Extreme Circumstances. He’ll just want to have dinner. Be there for the date.

4. Date preparations

You’ll make a good impression if you are wearing casual or stylish outfits for the date.
Don’t wear anything elegant, though.
Most definitely want to avoid fetish outfits if you want the date to happen.

5. Date with Dan

The waiter will impose upon your date and a public display of affection will go a very long way.
You could just ignore it, too.

6. Sex

You will have to either submit to his will by clicking on “let him” or defy it and try to “regain some control”, but only if you have the strength (2+) to back it up.

If you get lucky, he will take you to his place. Otherwise, you will jerk each other off in the parking lot.