Helen storyline

1.: You meet Helen in the mall. She will be very condescending and rude. To advance the storyline you need to be nice and meek to her. Go to spy on her and her boyfriend after she leaves.

2.: After it’s done you will eventually encounter Helen in the mall again. She will be very angry with you and demand that you send something nice as an apology. She wants something tasty and expensive. Buy her a ‘LePetite’s Gourmet Gold Chocolate Box’.

3.: You will get a message from her after this, inviting you to visit her at work. You need to buy red roses to be able to do so.

4.: After the visit you will get the option to take her on an actual date. Call up the restaurant from your phone. You will need to pay $100 for them to have a table ready in 3 days otherwise you will have to wait for a long time. You will also need to buy the condoms she requested.

5.: When the time has come pick her up and take her to the restaurant. After the meal you can follow her to the restroom or pay for the meal with your mouth by meeting the chef.

  • If you don’t have enough money you have to visit the chef but can just ask Helen to cover the bill instead. If she does however the date will end.
  • If you paid the bill – no matter how – the date continues.

6.: Proceed to her home to have your night with Helen.