Firefighter Storyline

1: This storyline starts with a random event which triggers when wandering around the city. There is an emergency and firefighters are on the scene. Help out to get noticed (you need an intelligence higher than 1)

2: After you got noticed you are invited to the fire station. You will receive some instruction materials and some advice.

3: You can study for your exam at home. The higher you intelligence, the faster it goes. Once you studied enough you can attempt the exam. You need Fitness 2 to pass (the exam is repeatable if you don’t)

4: You are a firefighter now! Get introduced to the somewhat strange office ploitics arond the station.

5: You don’t need to go to the station for work. Emergencies can ahppen every day. When they do, you get notified and have to decide whether you attend or not.

6: You can choose different actions during each emergency. Depending on how you do, you either get a positive, a negative or a neutral result. Some choices have skill checks (Fitness, Intelligence or Charm) so pick the one that you are the best at. Some choices don’t have cheks, these usually either give a neutral result or a negative one (negative ones involve you doing something naughty).

7: After each mission you have the chance to hang around the station. The others are usually keen on getting home so you only get to do one thing. This is useful if you want to get closer to your fellow firefighters but it’s not that easy.

8: Grant is obviously interested in you. Saying yes to his advances results in some hot sex but will lock you out of getting anywhere with Trey or Jo. Grant’s sex scene will change into a little ‘punishment session’ if you did badly in that day’s emergency. Beware though, if you are doing badly overall, Grant will straight up refuse sex until you get better.

9: Trey is more complicated. He is obsessed with Grant and wants you to stay away from him. However, if you do as he asks and abstain long enough (you need to wait out five emergencies) he will mellow out. When this happens you can propose a compromise (select the ‘talk about Grant’ option), unlocking a threesome scene with Grant as well as the option to have sex with Grant on your own.

10: Jo is the hardest to get close to. She is not interested in an office romance or sleeping around. You ned to avoid having sex with either Grant or Trey . Also avoid asking her to ‘hang around’ the station with you. To actually win her over you need to go on at least five missions and be an excellent firefighter. You need 4 ‘good guy points’. You gain 1 point for each mission you do well in (not just neutral) and lose 1 point for each mission you do badly in. You can also gain 1 point if the first thing you ask her is about the job and lose 1 if the first thing you ask is about yur colleges. Also, you will lose 3 points EVERY TIME you ask her to hang around the station.
Once you managed to get on her good side, you will be able to go on a date after each mission as long as your performance at the job is not lacking.