1.: Mickie, your friendly neighborhood drug dealer is accessible from the city hub. He sells six different substances but you can’t really tell them apart – at first that is.

2.: Every time you take a pill you will be better at recognizing it. You need to collect 15 points with each and every time you take it you add your Intelligence to your score. (Thus a PC with an Intelligence of 5 would need 3 attempts with a pill to recognize it in the future)
3.: Once you recognize a pill you can ask for it specifically or choose an unknown one. (You will never randomly get a pill you already recognize by the second choice)
4.: Most pills have an immediate effect that wears off once you go to sleep and a side-effect that triggers on the next morning.
5.: Mickie provides the following pills:
– One that has no immediate extra effect and will switch your genitals the next morning. (Penis becomes vagina, vagina becomes tiny dick)
– One that will increase your Charm skill to 5 for the night but will make you more feminine the next morning.
– One that will increase your Fitness to 5 for the night but will shrink your dick the next morning – although it will not make it disappear.
– One that will increase your Intelligence to 8 for the night but will permanently lower it by one the next morning.
– One that will permanently increase your Attitude by 1 but make you hairless the next morning.
– One that will increase all your Sex skills to 5 for the night but will make your boobs bigger the next morning.

6.: If you take pills every day you will start becoming addicted. There are three levels of addiction, each has textual clues to it. Level one only brings some extra flavor text but higher levels heavily impact gameplay.

7.: Higher level addictions will sometimes force you to visit Mickie when leaving your house, make you unable to not purchase a pill when you are there and even make you beg for it if you can’t. Mickie will also take advantage of the situation by increasing the prices and making you have sex with him. Certain activities become unavailable while you are addicted.
8.: You can get rid of your addiction by visiting the clinic. $500 will remove 1 level of addiction immediately. There is also an option of not taking any drugs for a while. It takes 5+your Addiction level days to get rid of one level of Addiction but this will also lower your Fitness or Charm (or both).

9.: You can also buy a drug stash from Mickie if you have the money and are a well practiced criminal (Larceny lvl 2). This costs $1000 but gives you access to unlimited drugs (without the chance of becoming addicted) and the chance to make profit.
10.: The more you know about drugs the more you get out of selling them. While some customers are only looking for a high, others will be looking for specific effects. You can only sell to them if you know the drug that provides it.
11.: There are pros and cons to different locations as a drug dealer. The mall has a higher chance of running into cops while the Red Light District has less people around.

12.: When you run into a cop you will have an option to escape. Depending on the situation, this uses a different skill: being spotted while selling requires fitness, being approached while littering requires charm and detecting the undercover cop requires intelligence.

13.: If you do get caught you get arrested (see ‘Criminal activities’ for the consequences). Even if you manage to avoid jail your stash will be taken. You can buy another one from Mickie but each time the price increases.