1.: You can start the storyline by visiting the Clinic and applying for the clinical trial as a man or by doing any procedure here as a woman. You will need an androgynus (or more feminine) body, an androgynus (or more feminine) face and any kind of breasts (not ‘a flat chest’). When you exit the building you will be approached by a curious figure offering you either help or a better deal at her own place. After this “Femmelabs” will become available on the map.

2.: Visiting Femmelabs you will be promised a lot of things, depending on your original gender and needs. If your character’s original gender is male, you can choose a ‘restoration’ option, promising to undo unwanted feminization processes. There is also an enhancement option to bring out your femininity a little more, leading to the ‘ultimate makeover’ option when every other stat is maxed.

3.: Both options are “traps”, the final procedure (meant to do either reverse or enhance all other changes) will ultimately lead to your bimbo transformation, giving you a distinct bimbo appearance, permanently lowered intelligence and lock up a lot of options in the game – while leading to new ones.

4.: Cara will fuck you once when you are done and then send you on your way to your new life.

5.: A lot of options are closed to you as a bimbo. All “regular” jobs, the detective and peepshow storylines and the clinic. You can’t do anything that requires intelligence and cannot raise your intellignece any more. You will also not wear certain clothes.

6.: On the other hand, now you can take part in some special bimbo adventure. Every time you leave your home there is a chance you will get a bit lost and end up somewhere else. There are different scenarios involved for the daytime (before 6pm) and the nighttime.

7.: Most of the adventures are small, repeating scenes but some of them gives you access to a new NPCs and options.
– Meeting Shane will allow you to take part in many new opportunities. This should be the first event to happen when your ‘bimbo adventures’ start.
– After you have met him, you should soon meet Brandy during the day when choosing to visit Shane.
– After meeting her there should be a ‘photo session’ event during the night when you visit Shane with you and brandy involved.

8.: After meeting Shane, during the night one event that might occur is him taking you to get a tattoo or a piercing (you can refuse with no consequences). Ink & Bling unlocks after this, giving you options to get new tattoos and piercings. These are different than the ones you can get as a regular customer.

9.: After the photo session, you will eventually get a call from Shane telling you about ‘Bouncy Bunny Studios’. From now on, you can make movies! The less than enthusiastic Pamela will give you the options. There are six movies in total you can make, each with two different options for an ‘ending’. They are infinitely repeatable.

10.: After you went to the movie studio once, you will eventually get a call from Shane inviting you over for something special. This will be a party you can visit on a specific day. The event will repeat every few days, leting you try out all the options.