Basis Inc. Storyline [Sissyfication]

To start the Basis Inc. / Sissy workplace content, you will need the following stats:

  • IQ skill higher than 3
  • Charm skill 1 or higher
  • Your character is male.
  • Your character’s looks are masculine or manly (Use the “Check yourself out” option in your home)
  • Your character has a dick that is not caged (e.g.: from other sissy content)


You need to go into the job menu from home and apply for a temp job. It should be the first offer that pops up, if you haven’t accepted it yet: “data entry job for a tech company”. Just perform your job regularly and go on with the rest of the day.

On the next workweek day you should get a phone call in the morning right when you wake up: Melanie the manager will call you with a job offer for Basis Industries.

  • You can accept to go to the interview right away.
  • Or if you say you need to think about it, the job offer will be there in the “Look for a job” menu from your home, but only on weekdays and if you still qualify (see above).


Once you go to the interview you can accept Julia’s offer or refuse which will make the content inaccessible for the run, and it won’t get offered in the temp job list again. Instead it will be replaced with similar work for an accounting firm.

If you accept you will start working next week Monday.


To work at Basis – and not get fired – you need to pay attention to the following throughout this playthrough. These are also explained in-game.

  • Go into work every weekday before 10 am. You can only do that from your home. Skipping work won’t get you fired automatically, but it will deduct 200$ from your weekly payment. Skipping 5 days in a row however will get you fired the next time you are home before 6 pm; and not only that you don’t receive your last paycheck, but you also have to pay the company 500$ for a contract breach. Missing days will reset to 0 after every payday, so unless you skip an entire workweek this shouldn’t be a problem most of the time.
  • Do not get a chastity cage from a different Dom (other than Julia). If you go into work with a chastity cage that is not from her, you will be fired.
  • Do not change your gender to female (from the “Check yourself out” menu) or have genital surgery at the clinic to remove your cock for a pussy. This will also get you fired the next time you go into work.

Other than that, there really are no skill checks or anything related to stats that you need to be aware of.


The first workweek will go on without too much of an issue, but you will get tricked once you receive your first paycheck: You only receive a portion of the promised 1000$ wage. Julia however offers you a deal. If you fulfill favors around the office, she will raise your wage by 150$ per favor completed.

Note that each favor will decrease your attitude (towards submissive).


The first two favors you can complete is for Evelyn and Grace (in any order).

  • To do a favor for Evelyn you need to have less than 3 work days skipped on a workweek, and you also should have 200$ on hand if you don’t own the ˝blouse and trousers˝ set – but this one is not a requirement, it won’t get deducted if you don’t have that much money. Evelyn will give you the “blouse and trousers” uniform for your help, unless you already own one.
  • Grace will apply some makeup on you for your assistance, if you don’t already have one, in which case it just replaces the old one.


From now on you will have two completed favors, but also two new working conditions: You need to go to work every day wearing your blouse and trousers and makeup. Any makeup will do, as long as you have some. You need to perform this on your own before work. This is also explained to you in-game.

  • You need to change clothes from the clothing menu at home, if you don’t have the blouse and trousers on.
  • You need to get some makeup from Lily’s Salon or use the makeup kit you bought from her at home, if you don’t have makeup on.

If you don’t go to work with these on, you will not get the daily special event happening and you cannot perform any more favors until you do, but otherwise you still perform your work as usual and it will count as a workday. Just nothing special happens.


You can now do a favor for Melanie. Her only condition is that you do it on a Friday. Note that this event will take almost all day (8 hour work + 5 hour event) in case you are low on money.


Once you have 3 favors, you can do one final favor for Julia, in which you can choose your form of submission to her: You can get a chastity cage and spanked; You can get fucked by a strap-on; or you can get both the cage and fucked – though the latter won’t come with any extra benefits. 


After that you are considered a full Basis Industries team member, and will get special daily events on repeat. Though you still need to pay attention to not get fired, and still wear the dress and makeup for work. This is considered the current end of the Sissy workplace content.

From now on you will also get an option to quit from the job – without paying 500$ for skipping work – if your attitude becomes 6 or higher (Dominant attitude). This will also remove the chastity cage from Julia if you had one. However since most favors you did earlier decrease your attitude, you have to work towards getting that Dominant attitude outside of work.