1.: This storyline can be started when you spot the advertisement in the Red Light District. It’s available right from the start. To actually start the storyline you need to have at least average (4) Intelligence and $500, however.

2.: Using your phone to arrange a meeting in the casino is the next step. To enter the casino you need elegant clothes (suit/pantsuit) and not be banned from it.

3.: Once you meet the owner you can make a deal. If you have been caught cheating big time at the casino you will first have to satisfy him by sucking him off. Otherwise you cab do it for some extra help with the place (doing it will let you start with a room renovated in the building).

4.: Be careful, once you agree to the deal the countdown for the next rent payment starts, even if your place is not making money yet. The collector won1t come until it is open though. There are five things you need to open up, a name, setting a price for visiting your place, a renovated room, a good cleaning and an employee.

5.: Renovating the room will cost $400 and two days. You can lower the price by doing some of it yourself. You will need construction experience or a fit body (Fitness 2+). Hiring a cleaner costs $100 or ou can do it yourself- how much time it takes depends on your housekeeping skill (if you have none you will gain one by the end of it).

6.: Getting an employee is the most complex. First you need to decide if you want to be the manager or the entertainer at the place. Use your phone to place an ad, then check it the next day. You can choose from four candidates (two more will be available once you are open), deciding which one you want to interview.

7.: The interviews will go with you asking questions and trying to find out their strengths and weaknesses. This will come up during the little events at the peep show later. Sometimes the answer is apparent, other times you need to use some skills.
– Finding out if someone is good at grabbing the guests attention requires Charisma. Good candidates are: Franky, Kimi, Kurt
– Finding out if someone will go the extra mile to entertain the customers needs you to have sex experience. Good candidates are: Andrew, Franky, Melissa
– Finding out if someone’s performance is good enough requires dance skills. Good candidates are: Andrew, Charity, Melissa

– Finding out if someone is good at luring in customers requires Charisma. Good candidates are: Franky, Kimi, Kurt, Melissa
– Finding out if someone is good at managing a business requires Intelligence. Good candidates are: Charity, Kurt
– Finding out if someone is good at handling troublesome guests requires Fitness. Good candidates are: Andrew, Charity, Kimi

8.: At the end of the interview you will need to negotiate a price with your new employee. The minimum amount the accept varies.
– Andrew: $50
– Charity: $60
– Franky: $46
– Kimi: $65
– Kurt: $80
– Melissa : $60

9.: Now you are ready to open! Every day you will attract a number of customers and each will pay your set price. You will also need to pay your employee his or her set wage.
Events can happen each day, but only when you have at least 3 customers. They can get you money, fame or reputation – positive and negative.
– Money mostly goes into your peep show’s money cache but those learned through events as an entertainer will go into your pocket.
– Fame determines how widely known your place is. It helps to attract more visitors and determines what price is considered acceptable
– Reputation determines what people think about your place. A positive one will attract more people while a negative one will turn some away.
– The price you ask for will modify the number of people visiting. The more fame you have, the higher price you can ask for before people will think it’s too expensive
– Certain actions add a direct boost to your visitor number for your next opening.

10. : During the day you are able to manage and upgrade your place. The upgrades are varied, some offer you fame, some reputation and some just straight up bring more visitors the next time you open.
– You can change the price you ask from each visitors
– You can clean the place – a dirty peep show will lose reputation constantly
– You can put money into the cache or take some out
– You can change your own role in the peep show – and thus your employee’s
– You can replace your employee with another one by arranging an interview for the next day (this is how you can actually hire Frankly and Charity)
– You can do several different things to improve your place

11.: To make permanent upgrades you need Coleman, the contractor to build them for you. He is happy to do it and offers you a discount if you agree to have sex with him.
– Renovating the storefront will give +3 fame
– Changing the decor will take 3 days. You can do this multiple times, but the rewards are not commutative. Classy takes 3 days, gives 3 fame and 3 rep, Tacky takes 2 days, gives 3 fame but -1 rep, BDSM takes 2 days, gives 4 fame but -1 rep.
– A simple neon sign will gibe +1 fame, a big one +1 fame and +1 rep and the animated one +2 fame and +2 rep
– Starting any of these upgrades will start the countdown for Coleman’s event (see below)

12.: You can also spread the word using advertising. Rent a billboard, print flyers or use your established fanbase as a camwhore.
– Renting a billboard will give you +2 fame
– If you are doing some camwhoring, you can do a “special clip” inside your place. The first one will give you 1-3 fame depending on the number of viewers you have as a camwhore. All subsequent ones will give 1 fame.
– Distributing flyers will give you extra visitors for the next time you open your place. The number depends on the method you are using (homeless is the worst, doing it yourself and granting favors is the best)
– Using an agency to send them all over the city has a different timer than the options above and will also give you extra visitors.

13.: You can promote the place through your friends and acquaintances
– Derek will grant you +2 to fame and a +1 to reputation as long as you go along with his request.
– Mira will help if you have had sex with her before. She will give you 4 extra visitors the next time you open shop as well as a +1 to fame. Accepting or refusing her request has no influence on this.
– Bree has her own ideas and will only help if you helped her out in the past with her own place. She will raise your fame by 2 if you go along with her crazy idea.
– George/Georgia will give you a bunch of sex toys which will come in handy in a lot of events. You need to pay $300 for them, unless you have been to at leats one of his/her parties. Then they are free.

14.: Once things get going you will notice several events occurring during the night. Some don’t require input and will resolve based on your abilities (charm, fitness, intelligence, sex experience, attitude etc.), others will have you make a choice. Usually they give you positive or negative reputation. There are a few special ones that have more complex mechanics attached.
– Jimmy will show up a few days after you have at least $500 in your cache for the first time. He runs a protection racket and will exploit you if you let him. You can’t really take him on on your own but can turn the tables by either calling Derek for help or the Great Sensei. The first once a larger sum, the latter will increace your rent for their help. Otherwise you need to give in to Jimmy’s demands, occasionally lowering the price using your body…
– Coleman will show up after you have started at least one renovation project. He is interested in you, but will make do with an employee if he has to. After his first visit, the renovation of the second room will become available.
– Mira will show up after you have asked her to help with promoting your business. She wants to do some entertainment for free. There are no benefits or drawbacks to refusing or accepting her offer.
– George/Georgia will show up after you have gotten him/her to give you sex toys for your business to play with some of them. There are no benefits or drawbacks to refusing or accepting her offer.

15.: When you have the opportunity you can start renovating the second room in your building. The price if hefty, but Coleman will offer to lower it if you let him attend the place for free in the future – and also every time you have sex with him for a different project. Once it’s done, you will have some specific visitors on some evenings asking for more than just a show – and paying extra for it.
– There are four visitors in total, each wanting different things
– If you are the manager, they will have sex with your employee. Currently every employee will have sex with every visitor.
– If you are the entertainer it’s up to you that they have a good time.