On the beach

1.: At first all you can do is hang out. Repeat this action and you will discover more points of interest around here.
2.: When you discover the Naked Clam you will meet Tia and Taylor. You can have sex with one or both in this event. After that you can visit the bar any time.
– Depending on which girl is at the bar you can ask the other for sex
– To actually score with her you will need to perform on the stage and either do really good or embarrassingly bad.
– Sten and Bree can be found here occasionally.
3.: Discovering the volleyball court lets you play games here which allows you to meet Sten.
– You need to do well in a game to attract his attention. You will need at least 2 Fitness to attempt this. With 4 or more Fitness it’s straightforward otherwise you need either 4 Charm or 6 Intelligence to make a difference.
– Once you get together with Sten you can have sex with him after every game. Winning the game lets you choose the position otherwise he chooses it.

4.: Discovering the rent-a-boat shack puts you in contact with Bree and allows you to rent various equipment.
– Kayaking gives you a few little flavour scenes.
– Renting a Jet Ski raises your Attitude by 1 if it’s below 3.
– Renting a surfboard doesn’t do anything (yet).
– Asking Bree about the shack unlocks her content. She will ask various things from you, some sexual or fetishistic and you will get some money in return.
5.: Discovering the posting for the lifeguard job lets you apply for it. (See ‘Making money’ above)