Mitsumi – detective story #1

First of all, you will need to find Mitsumi within 3 days of starting the quest or the good ending is no longer possible.
Avoid delays as much as possible! The timer starts when you pick up the flyer!

1.: The first clue can be found when visiting Xi. You will need to discover that the answers lie on her laptop.

  • 1a.: Asking about Mitsumi’s odd behaviour will yield results if you have a least 2 charisma
  • 1b.: Looking around her room will yield results if you have at least 7 Intelligence
  • 1c.: Giving up will result in Xi dicovering about the laptop by the next day – you will lose 1 day like this.

2.: Next you will have to convince Selena to help you out. All options work here, but if you don’t pay her or help her in return you will lose the day.

3.: Now you have a name – Lucius. Time to contact him through HornyZ and arrange a date. You need to keep his suspicion low and his approval high.
For a date you need less than 2 suspicion and more than 2 approval. You need 5 approval not to lose a day (setting the date for the next day instead of the day after the next).

3a.: Options that raise approval:
– Hello, handsome!
– Well with someone as hot as you I am willing to try anything 😉
– I will take that as a compliment. Here you go!(Sending him a nude photo of yourself)
– Your confidence makes it even hotter!
– What a coincidence – I am a very hot $manwoman looking for such a stud
– I am sure you find a way to make it interesting though

3b.: Options that raise suspicion
– I want to know everything about someone before I make up my mind.
– Not the only one? So who are the others?
– Come on, surely you can tell me a few juicy details
– Tech stuff from home? I had a friend and she did just that. (this one gives you 2 points so you can no longer arrange the date)

4.: Now you have your date with Lucius! No matter what you do, he will capture you and lock you in the cellar. Resisting his advances will get you injured which might come back to haunt you later.

5.: You are locked in a cell. Time to find your way out! You have limited time to escape from the basement before they come to get you. Waiting will just waste time. You have 5 units of time before they come for you.

  • 5a.: You need a fitness skill of 2 to break the lock and 4 to not get hurt while doing it. If you succeed you lose no time. If not, you lose time.
  • 5b.: Searching the cell makes you lose 1 time but gives you a tool.
  • 5c.: Forcing the lock with the tool makes you lose 1 time but gets you out
  • 5d.: Picking the lock gets you out with Larceny 2 or more. Otherwise you lose 1 time.

6.: You are now on the corridor and can leave basically any time you want. It might be a good idea to prepare though. You need the key to open the locked doors here, investigating them will make you lose 1 time.

  • 6a.: The open cell has one of the slavers, drunk and unconscious. You find the key to the cells here. Searching Alex and even taking his/her clothes is safe although disguising yourself will make you lose 1 time. Locking him/her in is the safest bet while trying to knock him/her out is risky. If you don’t neutralize him/her it can come back to haunt you later.
  • 6b.: The cell with the moaning is a red herring. You can do nothing useful here, but waste time and attract attention.
  • 6c.: The other locked cell is Mitsumi’s!

7.: If less than 3 days passed since starting the quest Mitsumi is still here. Otherwise this place is empty. Even if she is here, she is pretty heavily drugged, but knows the address you are at.

  • 7a.: If Mitsumi is still here, you can get it out of her with a Charm skill of at least 2
  • 7b.: If she is no longer here you can find a piece of paper with the address inside the mattress.

8.: Now it’s time to leave the basement. It should be easy as long as you lost less than 5 time. Exiting the trapdoor brings you in contact with a female slaver.
Speed is of the essence here.
– Every point of Fitness gives you +1 Speed
– If Lucius beat you up, you lose 1 Speed
– If you hurt yourself when you bashed against the door you lose 1 Speed
– Wearing a disguise gives you +1 Speed (this represents the element of surprise)

  • 8a.: You need 0 Speed for running away (meaning if you are unhurt you should be able to make it)
  • 8b.: You need 2 Speed to tackle her and grab her gun. If you didn’t neutralize Alex in the basement you can still get a nasty surprise…
  • 8c.: You can also keep pretending to be Alex if you have the disguise on. You will need at least 1 Charm to succeed.

9.: This is the end, depending on how you did.

  • 9a.: Simply running away will get you the mediocre end. By the time the cops arrive the slavers escape – with Mitsumi if she was still there.
  • 9b.: If they believe you to be Alex and you have the address you can simply call the cops to you. This gives you the good ending if Mitsumi is still around or the mediocre one if she is not.
  • 9c.: If you neutralized all the slavers you can have a little fun with Lucius before calling the cops. Revenge is sweet… This gives you the good ending if Mitsumi is still around or the mediocre one if she is not.