Main plot

1.: This storyline starts when you open the ‘mysterious app’ on your phone. The first phase is collecting 10 points in the app. The ways to get points is self-explanatory for most parts. The more complicated ones are:

  • The ‘submitting to someone’ points can be earned with advancing through the maid or the sissy storyline as well as submitting to one of the Doms in the club.
  • To gain points from it you need to have sex at least 21 times in total.
  • An ‘actual date’ means reaching the dating stage with either Dave, Lily or Helen or having a date with Dr. Marlowe in his second mall encounter.
  • ‘Material gains from sex’ can mean a lot of things, not just working as a whore. You can get it for paying Derek with sex or paying for your dinner at Fabian’s with a blowjob for example
  • Threesomes are hard to get. The ‘Dating Lily’ storyline has two, there is one scene after reaching the end of the ‘Player submission’ storyline and getting raped by the gym bullies in the mall that counts.

2.: After reaching stage two, you are presented with your first task. You need to satisfy a Horn agent. The agent’s gender will be based on your preferences. You will have to choose a method to satisfy them. The task will succeed if you are at least level 4 in the chosen sex skill.

3.: After satisfying the agent, more tasks will be available. There are currently four and they can be done in any order you want.

3a.: ‘Really blind date’
You need to have a date with an unknown girl and be good enough that she will want another. What happens during the date is decided by a point system.

  • Reading the info associated with the task will let you know that Mia likes flowers and that her favorite color is white. Bringing flowers  gives you 1 point. White lilies give 2 points.
  • Before the food arrives: Flirting with her successfully gives you 2 points. This needs Charm lvl 4 to accomplish. Talking about her if you have read her info before gives you 1 point. Staying silent makes you lose 1 point.
  • During the meal: Convincing her needs Intelligence level 6 and gives 1 point. You lose a point if you cannot do it. Saying you made a mistake does not affect the scores and pretending to have an allergic reaction makes you lose 2 points.
  • After the date: You need at least 3 points to get a second date and 4 for Mia to invite you over for sex.

3b: ‘Freaky encounter’
The point of this task is to convince Candy that you are weird enough for her to have sex with you.

  • Finding Candy can be done either by paying a whore money or being a whore yourself so you can get directions for free.
  • Candy is pretty straightforward. There are a lot of options you can try but she will only agree on sex for some of them.
    Good enough: Having weird colored eyes; Having a masculine body with boobs; Having a masculine body with a feminine face or a feminine body with a masculine one; Being a transexual.
    Not good enough: Having non-natural hair colors; Being freakishly muscular.
  • You can also offer her money. $500 is needed to convince her and anything less than $100 will offend her, making you fail the task.

3c: ‘Winner takes all’

You need to get the platinum chip Deyfus has, to complete this task.

  • Deyfus is at the casino. You need to have elegant clothes to enter.
  • Once you are in, you need to make him notice you. There are two ways: 
    If you have at least D cup breasts you can put them on display or if you have level 5 oral skills you could use them – provided you have read his info so that you know this is what he wants. All other options will just make him annoyed with you and ignore you. If you annoy him 5 times you will fail the task.
    The other way is to lose money at the roulette table. You need to lose at least $500 for him to come over to you.
  • After you got his interest you will have the opportunity to gamble for the chip. You can only get it by cheating, you will always lose if you play fair. You will need at least 9 levels of Charm and Intelligence combined to win. Losing will result in a modified ‘Homeless bum’ bad end.
  • If you got his interest by seducing him you will have the option of just going up to his room instead of gambling. Having sex with him will let you steal the chip afterwards without any problems. If you want to knock him out you will need a level 3 Fitness skill or the task fails. Taking his money as well as the chip has no negative consequences.

3d: ‘Bound goods’
You need to see the Phantom’s face to succeed at this task.

  • The Phantom is at the club ‘Extreme Circumstances’. You need to pay the entrance fee and wear either stylish clothing or your sissy dress to enter.
  • In the club you can either try to find information or go straight to the Phantom’s room. By talking to patrons and especially Mira you can learn that the Phantom takes off the mask after an especially good session.
  • If you have an Intelligence at least level 7 and had sex with Mira before you can just ask her to get you a copy of the Phantom’s drivers license, thus completing the task.
  • If you have a sufficiently submissive sub you can send them to the Phantom for a session which allows you to get the information easily.
  • Otherwise you need to visit the Phantom yourself. You need to be sufficiently submissive or dominant to have a good enough session to see the face.

3e: ‘Clinically hard to get’
For this task you need to get sex from someone at the clinic who is not normally interested in people like you. This means Dr. Marlowe for people with dicks and Claire for those who have a pussy.

  • As the info page warns you, switching equipment won’t work. The task will change accordingly.
  • The simplest way to complete this one is to buy some chemical assistance from Derek at the gym. That will work regardless of skills but it has other consequences….
  • With both targets if you had sex with them before you changed your genitals, you can ask them to do it for all time’s sake and with 3+ Charm it works.
  • With Claire if you know about her kinky side (reading task info or helping her at her mall encounter) you can appeal to that. You need to look masculine and/or muscular for it to work.
  • With Dr. Marlowe you can offer to meet him ‘half way’ by becoming a guinea pig in his experiments. With 7+ Intelligence you can.

After you complete 5 tasks (One of them is satisfying the Horn agent) you get an invitation to headquarters where you get a bit of exposition about what’s going on.
The mansion has no special challenges, you can just meet, chat and have sex with several NPCs. How dominant or submissive you are influences these interactions, especially with Jeremy and the slave.

When you are ready for it, ask Jeremy about the mission they scouted you for. If you have the sufficient skills you can start it at once or actually play out the 1 week before it and then start it.
You need one lvl 5 Sex skill, a total Sex skill count of 12 and at least 9 normal skill raises (i.e.: lvl. 7 Intelligence, lvl. 3 Charm and lvl. 3 Fitness for example).

In the grand finale you will have to get to the Coitan’s vault and steal their secret. To do this you need information. Once your time is up you will fail the mission. You need to start going after the vault at midnight the latest.

You need to have sex with Mrs. Coitan to win and having sex with Mr. Coitan also helps a lot.
Mrs. Coitan chooses her partners based on Fitness while Mr. Coitan prefers Charm. Your level in these skills determines how long it takes before they choose you.
There are six pieces of information you will need, each of them have multiple sources. Sources usually provide 2 pieces of information, first at the beginning of the party the second towards the end.

Your fellow agents can also help you but every time you talk to them you get more suspicious.
If you get too suspicious it results in a bad end. Talking to them does not advance time however so can be invaluable.

Dressing up as a servant can provide more pieces of information in a single hour but it can also get you into suspicious situations.

These are the things you need to know and the sources:

Mr. Coitan likes men to suck him off and wants to fuck women in the pussyMira 2Basement as dominant 1Mingle upstairs 1
Mrs. Coitan only wants anal sexJake 1Mingle upstairs 2Charm test when meeting her
The place where the server’s uniforms are storedMira 1Basement as submissive 1Explore the mansion
The vault is upstairs behind a bookcaseJake 2Basement as dominant 2Iq test when upstairs
The key to the vault resembles the one in a standing clock at the enteranceRuby1Mingle in the pool 1Basement as submissive 2
The title of Mr. Coitan’s favorite book is important to find the vault.Ruby 2Iq test when having sex with himMingle in the pool  2

Once you have the information you need to do the following:
– Get the key from the standing clock at the entrance
– Have sex with Mrs. Coitan and switch the keys
– Get upstairs. You can either fool the guards with a servant uniform, bribe them ($500+), seduce them (5 Charm) or order them around wearing a servant uniform (8+ Attitude)

– Find the vault. (Have the info about it or have 9 Intelligence)

– Get rid of the bookcase (know the title and the importance of Mr. Coitan’s favorite book or have 5 Fitness to move it)

– Open the vault with the key

Once you have done all of these you have completed the game. Congratulations!