Player dominance

1.: To start this storyline you need to go to the club ‘Extreme Circumstances’. You need to pay the entrance fee and wear either stylish clothing or your sissy dress to enter.

2.: There are two submissives available. You can find Ivette sitting alone at the bar and Theo by wandering around the club.

3a: You will need a dominant attitude to convince Theo to submit to you.
3b: You will need a non-submissive attitude and either level 3 Charm or level 6 Intelligence for Ivette to submit to you.

4.: You will get to choose what your sub will call you and how you will address them. You can have more than one submissive at the same time all with separate names for you and you for them.

5.: Once someone submitted to you, you will have a variety of options to do with them. Subs have preferences and will prefer certain tasks to others. 
They have two scores: submission and resentment. They will refuse tasks if their submission is too low or if their resentment is too high.

Punishing a slave after it obeyed you will increase their resentment.
Rewarding a slave who did not obey you will decrease their submission.

Punishing a slave after it disobeyed you will increase their submission.
Rewarding a slave who obeyed you will decrease their resentment.

6.: Once your slave is submissive enough you can decide to pimp them out, sending them to the Red Light District to earn some money.
6a: You need a level 6 Intelligence or a highly dominant attitude to order Theo to do this.

6b: You need a level 4 Charm skill or a level 5 Fitness skill to order Ivette to do this.